While I’m not opposed to clean vocals, Mike Puleo’s delivery just simply doesn’t do it for me. The vocals – his voice – is in no way bad, but not my cup of mead, so to speak.

Instrumentally ORODRUIN is definitely talented. The melodies are pleasant, and the riffs aren’t bad, but again not something I can get into 100%. If you’re into neo-traditional doom metal you will like this album, with its super-clean vocals, heavy (but not overbearing) riffs, and soloing. That sentence right there, I feel, sums up ORODRUIN pretty well, being someone who hasn’t heard them up until now.

The first half of this album is consistent throughout up until ‘War On The World’, which is the most energetic track, and probably the hit. My favorite, though, is definitely ‘Voice In The Dark’, which by far has the most sinister undertones. I really dig the main riff in this song.
Review By: BuiltToSuffer

Ruins Of Eternity
Cruz Del Sur
3 / 6