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Interview: Formicarius

Only in active state for the past five years, one could easily be tempted to write off London’s FORMICARIUS as yet another in the seemingly evermore crowded UK black metal bandwagon. Let’s call such a dismissal a reason to avoid temptation, then, as vocalist/guitarist Lord Saunders & co. have recently released the aural plague of Rending The Veil Of Flesh and, while not everyone’s cup of blood, for sure, to say the band has set a high standard for its next output will be clear to those who sup willingly upon first listen. Lord Randall sat down with the band […]

Interview: Nocturnus A.D.

THE QUEST OF DR. MAGUSInterview with Mike Browning of NOCTURNUS A.D. By: Dr. Abner Mality In the hallowed year of 1990, nothing was shaking up the metal scene more than death metal. Every place you looked, bands were becoming faster, more distorted, more evil and more transgressive. But who shook up the shakers? Enter NOCTURNUS… The Key was a forward thinking paradigm shift in the death metal world. If you wanted to do something to cross a line, then just add keyboards to death metal. That was considered the ultimate no-no back then. But The Key managed to integrate eerie […]

Interview: Forever Autumn

TIME IN THE TIMELESS REALMInterview with FOREVER AUTUMNBy: Lord Randall From its doom’ed beginnings, Massachusetts’ FOREVER AUTUMN (in the persona of Autumn Ni Dubhghaill) quickly morphed into stark, yet beautiful neofolk brilliance, shimmering on the pond in some moments, striking lightning through the mountains in others – sometimes within the same song. Earlier in this year, did Lord Randall spend a time of communion with the woman behind the music of her newest, Howls In The Forest At Dusk, and the Nature behind us alle. Here…listen, for it beckons… Rebel Extravaganza: Twelve years lapsed between I Bury My Face In […]

Interview: Origin

POINT OF ORIGINInterview with ORIGINBy: Dr. Abner Mality At the tail end of the 90’s something unexpected and ominous rose from the plains of Kansas. One would not have expected such a placid environment to produce one of the fiercest and most extreme sounds in all of metal, but so it was. ORIGIN exploded into existence and has continued to rain radioactive hellfire upon the metallic public ever since. But ORIGIN had a lengthier incubation period than its cataclysmic arrival would seem to suggest. The beginnings of the band had been percolating and bubbling in the Kansas plains from a […]

Interview: Indestructible Noise Command

THINGS ARE ALWAYS TERRIBLE Interview with INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND By: Dr. Abner Mality INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND first surfaced in the heady days of the first thrash revolution. They were the only band of that ilk that I know of hailing from Connecticut. They made a nice splash, especially in their East Coast environs, but they didn’t have a national breakout like other notables of the time such as TESTAMENT, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and SACRED REICH did. But these soliders took the “Indestructible” part of their monicker seriously and never totally gave up the ghost. They made a comeback a few years […]

Interview: SEAX

NO SHELTER FROM THE FALLOUTInterview with SEAXBy: Dr. Mality The sirens are screaming. Incoming barrage from SEAX is imminent! Hailing from Massachusetts, SEAX is that rare breed of American metal band that not only invokes the power of a bygone metal age, they personify it. There are very few bands from these shores that pay homage to the raging speed metal sound of the early 80’s and do it right, but SEAX is one. Think of eldritch names such as EXCITER, IRON ANGEL, HAWAII, AGENT STEEL and the like and you’ll instantly know the SEAX sound. Fallout Rituals is the […]


For our first interview on the relaunched Rebel Extravaganza, who better than PULCHRA MORTE, an entity which, though newly formed, harks back to those few formative but oh, so important years when both death and doom were colliding, and bands were creating something heretofore unheard within the realm of metal. Lord Randall recently sat down with guitarists Jarrett Pritchard and Jeff Breden, drummer Clayton Gore and vocalist Jason Barron to discuss the band’s debut offering, Divina Autem Et Aniles. Rebel Extravaganza: Did you approach the songwriting of the new album with conscious thought as to PULCHRA MORTE being a different […]