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Interview: SOMNURI

Brooklyn progressive sludge trio SOMNURI know a lot about overcoming obstacles, as witnessed on their sophomore full-length. Recorded pre-pandemic, placed in somewhat of a forced hibernation for 2020, this Summer will find the threesome decimating eardrums upon the June release of Nefarious Wave. RIDING THE WAVEInterview with Justin Sherrell [Vocals, Guitars] and Phil SanGiacomo [Drums] of SOMNURIInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Your bio mentions “The strength of will to survive in New York” being a reason for the heaviness found in what SOMNURI does. These days, that’s anywhere, right? Being from Detroit, there’s obviously a lot of pride in […]

Interview: The Plague Physicians

Ohio’s THE PLAGUE PHYSICIANS continue their experiments with sonic exploration (and even more eldritch, darker goals in mind, to be sure) on new release, In Arkham’s Shadow. Lord Randall joins vocalist Dr. Orange in the diagnoses… FROM THE BANKS OF THE BURNING RIVERInterview with Dr. Orange [Vocals] of THE PLAGUE PHYSICIANSInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: So you began your practice in Cleveland in 2013, taking almost 5 years to release The Raven Mocker. How much of the persona was in place from the start, or was The Plague Physicians something you became over time? Dr. Orange: I’d been in […]


From Lower Saxony cometh EREMIT, spreading a sludge/doom hybrid we’re soon to find is not as rare in Germany as most would’ve expected. Instead of spewing bile-drenched hymns of misanthropy and addiction (though there may be something of allegory within), this trio envelops the listener in a world of its own creation, and its recently-released EP, Desert Of Ghouls. Wander… BENEATH A CRUSHING WEIGHTInterview with Moritz Fabian [Guitars/Vocals] of EREMITInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Germany. Known for thrash, black and folk metal, but doom? Moritz Fabian: I think this is always dependent on the perspective from where you´re looking […]

Interview: Dark Forest

True metal quartet, DARK FOREST, recently released Oak, Ash & Thorn, an album as imbued with the band’s native British perspective as with the history of the land of their birth. Lord Randall recently sat down with founding songwriter/guitarist Christian Horton to discuss… TO EMBRACE DESTINYInterview with Christian Horton of DARK FORESTInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Back at the start (or your start with the band), did you have a vision of what you wanted DARK FOREST to become over time, and how does what it is today look back on what it was? Christian Horton: In the very […]

Interview: SAMMATH

Black metal death engine, SAMMATH, has been crushing eardrums under its tank treads for over a quarter century, yet sixth full-length, Across The Rhine Is Only Death shows no second of fatigue, no moment of weariness or unreliability from founder J. Kruitwagen & co. Normally, we keep current as possible with interviews, but our recent chat was too good not to include here. Lord Randall armors up… THE STRENGTH OF KRUPP STAHL Interview with J. Kruitwagen of SAMMATH Interview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: After putting out your first 4 albums on a fairly regular schedule, it’s been close to […]

Interview: Frayle

Within its short 3-year lifespan, Ohio’s atmospheric metal duo (now turned quintet) FRAYLE has birthed 2 EPs featuring its heady blend of ethereal vocals and towering riffs/rhythms, culminating now in the recently-released debut full-length, 1692. Lord Randall sat down with founding members Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky to time travel back to 1692, and discuss how, though much has changed, much remains the same. BY CHOICE, NOT BLOODInterview with Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky of FRAYLEInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Back in 2017 when FRAYLE was birthed, did you already have a plan in mind – an image or […]

Interview: Porta Nigra

PORTA NIGRA emerged from the Rhineland a decade ago sans corpsepaint and battle vests, more apt to be found sipping a glass of wine and perusing the works of Schopenhauer and Baudelaire than LaVey and Crowley. No less degenerate, however, the duo of Gilles de Rais (T.) and O. have moved beyond their early explorations of Fin de siècle, added a member in vocalist Tongue, and delivered Schöpfungswut on this, PORTA NIGRA’s 10th year. Lord Randall sat down with instrumentalist and lyricist T. to discuss… DECADE OF DECADENCEInterview with T. of PORTA NIGRABy: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: In today’s fast-consumption […]


Welcome to our humble pub here in the city of Ardona, far beyond the world you know. Have a seat and a tankard of ale while we listen to The Bard tell us of The Warrior with No Name. Here we await the presence of Vidarr, himself a bard of no mean renown, and the man behind the metal majesty of LEGENDRY, a band reveling in stories of courage, danger and high adventure. Vidarr knows much of the Warrior’s tale and has used LEGENDRY to tell the story. The latest chapter is The Wizard And The Tower Keep, which tells […]


After five atmosphere-charged black metal albums – and one acoustic release -, Manchester’s WINTERFYLLETH took to the stage at Bloodstock to celebrate not only the first festival to give the band a headlining show, but the first decade of its existence. The Siege Of Mercia is volatile, enthralling, and triumphant, a true sonic (and visual) representation of a band at its peak. Lord Randall recently sat down to talk to bassist Nick Wallwork about the live set, the band’s most recent studio album, The Hallowing Of Heirdom, and where the quintet are headed from here… THE FATHERS OF ALBIONInterview with […]

Interview: HEWOLF

Richmond, Virginia. Site of Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” speech, the Richmond Ballet, the Sailor Sandwich and HEWOLF. While liberty, skinny chicks in tights and pastrami, knockwurst, Swiss cheese and mustard on rye are all well and good, it’s the trio of down ‘n’ dirty hooligans masquerading as rock musicians that we’re on about now. Lord Randall recently sat down with the boys to learn about where they came from, and where they’re going… THUS DO WE REACH THE STARSInterview with HEWOLFBy: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: What was the music climate like there in RVA when […]