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Interview: Courtney Gains (2023)

COURTNEY GAINS, while clearly most known by horror fans as the dreaded enforcer Malachi in 1984’s groundbreaking Children Of The Corn, has been continuously active in film and TV for nearly four decades. Lesser known, but no less important to our subject, is his musical outlet. At times solo, at times as part of a band framework, COURTNEY GAINS now prepares to release his Safe Haven EP via Fake Fangs Records. Lord Randall takes a walk behind the rows… TRUE BELIEVERInterview with COURTNEY GAINSInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: I have to start out by letting you know Children Of […]

Interview: TRIBUNAL (2023)

When a label chooses a first release of the year it sets the tone for what’s to come in a very real way. Vancouver, British Columbia’s TRIBUNAL were bestowed that honor by 20 Buck Spin, and now bestow upon us a crippling yet cathartic trip through gothic doom/death with debut The Weight Of Remembrance. DEEP INTO DREAMSInterview With Soren Mourne [Cello/Bass/Vocals] and Etienne Flinn [Vocals/Guitars]Interview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: First things first, congratulations on the album’s completion, and for (even on first listen, or me) presenting an “album experience” more so than a “collection of songs”. When the songs […]

Interview: Hostia

Purveyors of death/grind destruction, HOSTIA demanded to be the final Rebel Extravaganza interview of 2022, and who were we to deny? Newest album, Nailed, out on Deformeathing Production crams 15 tracks of malevolence, madness and mayhem into under 25 minutes, which just gives you a chance to hit play one more time at the end…if you survived the first time… GRIND PRIESTSInterview with St. Anacletus [Guitars] and St. Sixtus [Vocals]Interview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: When you formed back in 2017 was it more because there weren’t enough bands doing the style you wanted to hear, or there weren’t enough […]


For the past five-odd (emphasis on odd) years, Germany’s BONGBONGBEERWIZARDS have been making use of ancient sonic alchemical techniques to conjure riffs moving at the speed of slow, drone hymns and cautionary tales. Lord Randall takes the magic carpet ride to the Ampire… STRAIGHT OUTTA DORTMUNDInterview with Bong Travolta in the human form of Jan S. [Guitars/Synth/Saxophone]Interview by Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: When the band first began, did you already have a solid idea of what you wanted the sound to be, or would you say it’s naturally developed over time? Bong Travolta: After changing the lineup back in 2019, […]

Interview: Friends Of Hell (2022)

International anti-supergroup FRIENDS OF HELL has been lighting up the doomed heavy metal scene since its debut eponymous release in mid-March. Lord Randall wrangles band instigator and man of many outlets Tas Danazoglou for a quick yet informative chat… EVIL THEY CALL US, EVIL WE AREInterview with Tas Danazoglou [Drums]Interview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: So far as I can tell, you’re currently in Mirror (who has an album coming out next month and is pretty active), as well as Satan’s Wrath (which is due for another soon, I hope personally). Why the need for FRIENDS OF HELL?  Tas Danazoglou: […]

Interview: Confusion Master (2022)

The members of Rostock, Germany’s doomed-out sludge merchants CONFUSION MASTER continue to spread their tentacled, sucking madness with new album Haunted, available via Exile On Mainstream. HAUNTED BY THE HUNTERInterview with Stephan Kurth [Vocals/Guitars]Interview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Germany is really turning into a key point for doom in the past few years, Ahab, Emerit, you guys. Is there much of a metal/extreme music scene around where you are based? Stephan Kurth: We are Baltic Sea, coastal based. Rostock, Hamburg, Kiel and Copenhagen got quite substantial scenes and amounts of growing bands of all kinds of Metal. I‘d mention […]

Interview: SOMNURI

Brooklyn progressive sludge trio SOMNURI know a lot about overcoming obstacles, as witnessed on their sophomore full-length. Recorded pre-pandemic, placed in somewhat of a forced hibernation for 2020, this Summer will find the threesome decimating eardrums upon the June release of Nefarious Wave. RIDING THE WAVEInterview with Justin Sherrell [Vocals, Guitars] and Phil SanGiacomo [Drums] of SOMNURIInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Your bio mentions “The strength of will to survive in New York” being a reason for the heaviness found in what SOMNURI does. These days, that’s anywhere, right? Being from Detroit, there’s obviously a lot of pride in […]

Interview: The Plague Physicians

Ohio’s THE PLAGUE PHYSICIANS continue their experiments with sonic exploration (and even more eldritch, darker goals in mind, to be sure) on new release, In Arkham’s Shadow. Lord Randall joins vocalist Dr. Orange in the diagnoses… FROM THE BANKS OF THE BURNING RIVERInterview with Dr. Orange [Vocals] of THE PLAGUE PHYSICIANSInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: So you began your practice in Cleveland in 2013, taking almost 5 years to release The Raven Mocker. How much of the persona was in place from the start, or was The Plague Physicians something you became over time? Dr. Orange: I’d been in […]


From Lower Saxony cometh EREMIT, spreading a sludge/doom hybrid we’re soon to find is not as rare in Germany as most would’ve expected. Instead of spewing bile-drenched hymns of misanthropy and addiction (though there may be something of allegory within), this trio envelops the listener in a world of its own creation, and its recently-released EP, Desert Of Ghouls. Wander… BENEATH A CRUSHING WEIGHTInterview with Moritz Fabian [Guitars/Vocals] of EREMITInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Germany. Known for thrash, black and folk metal, but doom? Moritz Fabian: I think this is always dependent on the perspective from where you´re looking […]

Interview: Dark Forest

True metal quartet, DARK FOREST, recently released Oak, Ash & Thorn, an album as imbued with the band’s native British perspective as with the history of the land of their birth. Lord Randall recently sat down with founding songwriter/guitarist Christian Horton to discuss… TO EMBRACE DESTINYInterview with Christian Horton of DARK FORESTInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Back at the start (or your start with the band), did you have a vision of what you wanted DARK FOREST to become over time, and how does what it is today look back on what it was? Christian Horton: In the very […]