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INTERSTITIA: Pax Aeternum To Release Ever Onward Ever Inward Full-Length Debut From Ambient Electronic Soloist; ‘Savage In The Sun’ Premiered At New Noise Magazine

Pax Aeternum will release Ever Onward Ever Inward, the debut full-length by instrumental ambient/electronic solo act INTERSTITIA, late this July. With the album’s cover art and other details, preorders have been issued, and the first single, ‘Savage In The Sun’, has been premiered through New Noise Magazine. INTERSTITIA is the solo work of Asheville, North Carolina resident Graham Scala. When not collaborating with other on various bands and projects over the years, including Harmonic Cross, Highness, Forensics, Bleach Everything, and Souvenirs Young America, among others, Scala routinely works on material at home, some of which has manifested to the outside […]