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KRIEG: US Black Metal Cult Releases ‘No Gardens Grow Here’ Video/Single; First Album In Nine Years, Ruiner, Nears October Release On Profound Lore Records Alongside Northeast Mini-Tour

‘No Gardens Grow Here’ is the dismal new single from time-honored, Philadelphia-based black metal collective, KRIEG. Delivered through a harrowing video, the song is the newest harbinger of the band’s long-awaited new LP, Ruiner, nearing October release on Profound Lore Records. KRIEG’s Ruiner is the first full-length from the long-running and iconic cult since 2014’s Transient and is a despondent expression that captures the classic band complexion which has solidified the band as a vanguard and pioneer of US black metal. Although Ruiner is the band’s first full-length album in nine years, KRIEG has continued to remain active leading up […]

FABRICANT: Drudge To The Thicket Debut LP From California Death Metal Trio Formed By Members Of Mefitis Now Streaming; Album Available On Profound Lore Records

California death metal trio FABRICANT presents their long-awaited debut album, Drudge To The Thicket, now streaming in its engrossing entirety. Formed by members of dark metal band, Mefitis, FABRICANT leverages any musical tool for their riff and song fabrication. Speed, stillness, technicality, simplicity, consonance, dissonance… are all at play for the express purpose of telling the stories of humanity’s hubris, madness, and frailty. FABRICANT glimpsed into this black vortex, extracted the raw materials of inspiration, and refined the chaos into the ten fully actualized, death metal songs on their debut album Drudge To The Thicket. This album was FABRICANT’s obsession: […]

U.S. Trad-Metal Stalwarts ENTIERRO to Release The Gates Of Hell in October

New Haven (CT) – Traditional heavy metal band ENTIERRO has just completed their fifth collection of new songs, titled The Gates of Hell, at Dexter’s Lab Studio under the watchful eye of engineer Nick Bellmore. The album will be released on October 19! The album’s title track is streaming now HERE The Gates Of Hell not only marks a return to the studio where they recorded their self-titled full length album, but also introduces a new period for the band, as this incarnation of the unit has grown into a solid force in songwriting and collaboration. Most bands take time […]

CONNY OCHS: Singer/Songwriter To Release German-Sung Wahn Und Sinn LP Through Exile On Mainstream In October; Artwork, Track Listing, And Preorders Posted

Four-and-a-half years have passed since CONNY OCHS’ most recent album, Doom Folk. While new music from the man was rare in the record store, he was quite active on stage. In addition to some solo tours and very intensive concerts including the online Roadburn Festival 2020 and two touching performances in the Dolomites in 2021 and 2022, which fans could follow via livestream, the artist, who works and lives in Germany and Italy, surprised us especially with the band Trialogos, whose 2021 debut album Stroh Zu Gold presented a completely new side of CONNY OCHS. Working with multi-instrumentalists Kiki Bohemia […]

DEN SAAKALDTE: New Album Details & Music Video

Norwegian black metal band DEN SAAKALDTE details & previews its first new album in nine years, Pesten Som Tar Over. The album is due for release on September 29th via Agonia Records. Its opening track, ‘Av Satans Ild’, is available for streaming in the form of a music video below. View/Stream ‘Av Satans Ild’ DEN SAAKALDTE is the brainchild of guitarist Sykelig, established back in 2006, after Sykelig relocated from Hellas to Norway. The band started as a one man project but soon included in its ranks members such as Kvarforth (Shining), S. Winter (ex-Gehenna), Seidemann (1349) and Øyvind Hægeland […]

Out now: Waldgeflüster – Femundsmarka

Twelve years after its original release, Nordvis presents this remastered version of WALDGEFLÜSTER’s Femundsmarka – Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln. The album chronicles a trek undertaken by the band’s mastermind, Winterherz, and his brother, P, through the Femundsmarka National Park in Norway. Building on a foundation of atmospheric black metal, Winterherz uses various samples of wilderness and sea to weave a sonic tapestry that blends seamlessly with meticulously crafted acoustic melodies. Instrumental interludes play a pivotal role, serving as introductions, transitions, and a grand finale – all enhancing the conceptual nature of the album. The vocal performances of both brothers […]

Introducing Noitila – new single and album announcement

The time has come for a first glimpse into the harrowing soundscape of NOITILA. Langennut, the project’s debut album, will be released by Nordvis on October 20, 2023. Listen to and watch ‘Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren’ The band commented:‘Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren’ is a cosmic cry – a declaration of war against the light. In Noitila, worlds intersect; the heavens merge with the earth, and the earth with the underworld. One step across the threshold and NOITILA becomes a lightning rod – both the band and the location, which for us are one and the same. In symbiosis, we channel […]

Actor/Horror Icon COURTNEY GAINS Announces New Album, Safe Haven

Renowned actor and celebrated horror icon Courtney Gains, known for his unforgettable roles in classic films such as Children Of The Corn and The ‘Burbs returns to the world of music with his new album, Safe Haven. Combining his innate talent for storytelling with a passion for music, Gains delivers a collection of captivating tracks that showcase his multifaceted artistry. Safe Haven is not only a musical endeavor worth celebrating but a testament to Gains’ artistic evolution. Perhaps best known for his role as Malachi in the 1984 classic Children Of The Corn, Gains demonstrates a remarkable departure from that […]

PRIMORDIAL To Release How It Ends September 29th Via Metal Blade Records; New Video/Single Now Playing + Preorders Available

Long-running, Dublin, Ireland-based Pagan metallers PRIMORDIAL will release their tenth full-length, How It Ends, on September 29th via Metal Blade Records. Watch PRIMORDIAL’s ‘Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is An Orphan’ video at THIS LOCATION PRIMORDIAL has nothing to prove. Having lasted thirty-two years and now returning with their devastating new studio offering, the Irish band has made it clear they are a primal force who consistently lay it all on the line. The follow-up to 2018’s critically lauded Exile Amongst The Ruins, How It Ends sees them delivering more of their seminal blend of Celtic and black metal, with […]

MOON COVEN: new single ‘Gilded Apple’ available

Malmö-based psychedelic doom and heavy rock foursome MOON COVEN present a new track taken from their fourth studio album, Sun King, due out August 25th on Ripple Music. Listen to new single ‘Gilded Apple’ Two years after unleashing their juggernaut third record and Ripple Music debut, Slumber Wood, upon the world, MOON COVEN are now ready to shift the Earth’s axis and mesmerize the masses once again with a fresh set of tunes in the sheerest tradition of modern heavy psychedelia: Sun King. Entirely recorded and produced by the band, their fourth studio album is a generous and compelling 9-track […]