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Album Review: Sahara – The Curse [EP]

Including Gabriel and Ivan (bass, drums respectively) of Argentinian stoner doom hybrid MEPHISTOFELES, SAHARA is, again, a trio, and…yet again…plays stoner doom. Seriously, things are so incestuous that a 2017 split paired the two. The sliver of hope here, is that the latter is the brainchild of founding guitarist/vocalist Martin Ludi, who must’ve heard something he liked, and drafted the rhythm section to signal his return after SAHARA’s 2019 “involuntary” disbandment. I’m going to go ahead and just say that, while Regain Records may be trying to “keep things cult” with this Limited Edition run of 150 cassettes, the cover […]

Hardcore Punks BÖNDBREAKR Release ‘Angry Tooth’ Official Video

Austin (TX) – Rancorous Hardcore Punks BÖNDBREAKR have released the official video for ‘Angry Tooth’, a track from last year’s self-titled EP. Check it out at THIS LOCATION The video, which was directed by Jonathan Nunan, was shot on 16mm film using a 1950s-era home movie camera. All visual effects were created by physically coloring and/or scratching individual frames of film using Sharpie markers and Exacto knives. From start to finish the video contains about 3,500 individual frames. Actors in the video include Tasha Ann-Aaliyaah, Eric Wunsch, and Andrew Hubatsek. BÖNDBREAKR vocalist Hurricane G had this to say about the […]

Album Review: Shadow People – Batom Rouge / Washing In Soap Opera

There are few terms that spark intrigue in my life, but you throw a mixture such as “sludge punk” my way, and my ears at least have to hear what the fuss is about. The “fuss”, in this case, is Louisiana’s SHADOW PEOPLE. Collecting its two EPS released last year, Batom Rouge / Washing In Soap Opera, ‘Six Weeks’ kicks off the proceedings, all fuzz, and drunken stumbling, the first minute coming off like what happens live when the band isn’t sure what song they were going to play next, and I love that feeling of spontaneity. Once it gets […]

FRIEDEMANN: German Folk/Rock Storyteller To Release In Der Gegenwart Der Vergangenheit LP Via Exile On Mainstream In April; ‘Le Coiffeur’ Video Playing + Preorders Posted

Germany’s long-running label Exile On Mainstream presents In Der Gegenwart Der Vergangenheit, the new LP by their fellow countryman FRIEDEMANN. This iconic storyteller’s fourth record has been released track-by-track sequentially over the past twelve months and will now be officially issued with a proper release in April. A lighthearted video for a new song, ‘Le Coiffeur’, has been released. With three studio albums and two live albums under his belt, FRIEDEMANN remains one of the most truly independent figures in the German music underground. Just recently called, “the German Ian MacKaye,” by none other than Scott “Wino” Weinrich because of […]

Album Review: Stormtide – A Throne Of Hollow Fire

As much as I dread intros as a whole, ‘A Valley Of Ashes’ captivates, and – for the uninitiated – draws in, which is exactly a band wants to happen when inviting new ears. Right out the gate more symphonic in execution than I was expecting, ‘A Throne Of Hollow Fire’ blends keys, blessedly lower-register vocals and sections that grasp mightily for the epic. It does seem the mix is a bit “all over the place”, and the keys have a tendency to bury the guitars when the latter isn’t in solo mode, but when Richens and Bodnarr do get […]

NERVOSA Releases New Official Lyric Video for ‘Genocidal Command’ Featuring Schmier of DESTRUCTION

NERVOSA’s latest critically acclaimed record, Perpetual Chaos, steamrolled through the metal scene, demonstrating the band’s new line-up in absolute peak form! The album secured the band their first chart positions at #18 in Germany, #6 on the US Hard Music Album charts, #9 on the US Top New Artist Albums charts and recently returned to #1 on the NACC Heavy chart. The four women of NERVOSA haven’t stopped to catch their breath, delivering their next thrasher, ‘Genocidal Command’, featuring Schmier (DESTRUCTION) along with a powerful official lyric video. The track perks ears with Diva Satanica’s vocal eloquence, accented by the […]

Album Review: Plague Weaver – Ascendant Blasphemy

PLAGUE WEAVER is an ambitious outfit that tries to unite lots of disparate styles of extreme metal, but is not quite able to pull off what they’re looking for. It’s a two man outfit that has an “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to death and black metal. They have the playing ability for sure, but the songwriting is kind of erratic and results in songs that are good in some parts but rather tedious in others. The first song ‘Nothing Is Sacred’ has a kind of Greek black metal vibe in the style of ROTTING CHRIST and VARATHRON going […]

MOTHER OF ALL (ex-MYRKUR) Unveils Debut Single, ‘Autumn’, Featuring TESTAMENT’s Steve Di Giorgio

Danish death metal soloist MOTHER OF ALL is proud to reveal ‘Autumn’, the first single taken from his debut album Age Of The Solipsist. Premiering via NO CLEAN SINGING, the site called the track “a song of sharp contrasts and changing moods” and said “the music combines jet-fueled drumming and hurtling bass lines with riffing conflagrations, as well as piston-like rhythms and pulsating chords that seem to radiate exultation.” View ‘Autumn’ at THIS LOCATION Founded by drummer and vocalist Martin Haumann (Afsky, ex-Myrkur), MOTHER OF ALL presents a technical blend of melodic and progressive death metal with help from iconic […]

Album Review: Reaper – The Atonality Of Flesh

As much I love some good ol’ (or new) caustic D-beat, for maximum enjoyment, the album needs to be short of length – we’re talking half-hour, tops – and long on attitude. Anything over that magical 30 minutes, and my attention quickly wanes, largely because the band’s begun to recycle its own ideas, and – due to the limitations of the style, maybe – it’s all just monotonous. Not so with Sweden’s REAPER, the duo returning with 2021’s The Atonality Of Flesh, if anything more fierce and, yes, varied than the Unholy Nordic Noise debut of 2019. MIDNIGHT is a […]

FITM Postponed ’til 2022

While this is not the news we hoped to see this year bring, we have built this event with the purpose in mind that those who want to come out here to experience it with us, should be able to do so – and should not be excluded for any reason; especially for fear of personal safety. So, as we navigate a year of still-clouded futures, our focus remains on the ability for both our performers and our community of attendees, our crew, and ourselves, to safely travel from all over the world to FIRE IN THE MOUNTAINS this summer. […]