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Interview: Indestructible Noise Command

THINGS ARE ALWAYS TERRIBLE Interview with INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND By: Dr. Abner Mality INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND first surfaced in the heady days of the first thrash revolution. They were the only band of that ilk that I know of hailing from Connecticut. They made a nice splash, especially in their East Coast environs, but they didn’t have a national breakout like other notables of the time such as TESTAMENT, NUCLEAR ASSAULT and SACRED REICH did. But these soliders took the “Indestructible” part of their monicker seriously and never totally gave up the ghost. They made a comeback a few years […]

Album Review: Mutilated By Zombies – Scripts Of Anguish

Need to be honest from the jump here…I have been a fan and follower of this Iowa band since I first saw them over 10 years ago. Their progress has been slow and steady, but in many ways, Scripts Of Anguish is their first true album. And what an absolute corker it is! The band name indicates gory and brutal death metal and that is certainly a big part of MBZ, but there’s much more to them than that. This is a band that draws a lot of influence from the likes of GORGUTS and DEATH’s progressive period, but always […]

Album Review: Indestructible Noise Command – Terrible Things

I remember INDESTRUCTIBLE NOISE COMMAND from the tail end of the 80’s, when they part of the huge thrash metal boom at that time. I can’t say they made a huge impression on me, as they seemed to be decidedly second-tier and not on the same level as the big boys. More than 30 years later and INC are still in action. Terrible Things gives the listener a fuzzy glow of thrash nostalgia as the band is still plying thrash in the time-honored tradition. The production here is a level above their old stuff (which I remember having a horrendous […]

BY THE SPIRITS: Polish Neo-Folk Artist Signs Worldwide Deal With Eisenwald

Eisenwald is proud to announce the signing of Polish folk artist BY THE SPIRITS to an exclusive worldwide deal. A reworked compilation of the band’s partial discography is coming later this year. BY THE SPIRITS is a folk project hailing from the mystic woods of Lower Silesia near the Ślęża mountain in Poland. Founded in 2016, solo artist Michał Krawczuk has created a remarkable catalog through the practice of ancient magick, and has performed over 40 shows throughout Europe. The essence of BY THE SPIRITS is to create folk-inspired music hailing to the old gods, telling stories about the connections […]

Voyag3r announce new album, War Mask

VOYAG3R (pronounced Voyager 3) return with their 3rd studio album, War Mask. Expanding on the sonic pallet the band created with their debut, Doom Fortress, and follow up 2xLP, Are You Synthetic?, VOYAG3R deliver a diverse, dark and dynamic collection of songs, including a cover of the KING CRIMSON classic, ‘Red’. Heavier tracks, such as ‘Ancient Enemies’, bring the rock element to the forefront, while more open tracks like ‘Sequenza Di Mezzanotte’, showcase a ’70s vibed, organic sound. View the album trailer via YouTube: War Mask was self-produced and recorded at the Tempermill studios in Ferndale, MI, using their […]

FÖRGJORD set release date for new WEREWOLF album, reveal first track

Today, Werewolf Records, in conspiracy with Hells Headbangers, sets April 19th as the international release date for the highly anticipated fourth album of FORGJORD, Ilmestykset, on CD format. Hailing from the forever-thriving Finnish black metal underground, FORGJORD is one of that scene’s stranger and more unique entities. Existing since the mid ’90s, the trio have largely shied away from the spotlight – even when that spotlight is blacklit and dim – and patiently parcel out their releases, with a sparse-yet-solid discography to date. Uhripuu – their third album, released to critical acclaim in 2017 by Werewolf Records – crystalized the […]

German Classic Metal Crew PULVER To Release Kings Under The Sand May 10 On Gates Of Hell Records

Just over a year after the release of their well-received self-titled debut EP, PULVER emerge with the Kings Under The Sand full-length, an album loaded with eight taut, memorable, but gritty classic metal cuts. The album will be released May 10 on Gates Of Hell Records. The “Phantom Hawk” arrives to enslave ancient Egypt! Here to tell the tale is PULVER, a German metal five-piece who batters like classic TANK and dazzles like early IRON MAIDEN. Recorded in October of 2018 at Big Snuff Studio in Berlin, Germany, with producer Richard Behrens at the helm, Kings Under the Sand is […]

Album Review: Vimur – Triumphant Master Of Fates

Don’t look now, but the 90’s black metal nostalgia kick is in full swing. After hearing the excellent new WINDSWEPT album recently, here comes the freezing fire known as VIMUR to try their hand at the classic misanthropic style. What’s more, these guys hail from the frostbitten plains of…Atlanta, Georgia?! They make a good first impression simply with the excellent cover art here. That always helps put one in the mood for epic darkness, and epic darkness is the best description of the VIMUR sound. The songs are extremely fast, cold and vicious but still with very notable melody and […]

Album Review: Rotting Christ – The Heretics

ROTTING CHRIST have existed in their own self-contained universe almost from the start of their career, which is now approaching the 30 year mark. They have never been interested in the typical trappings of what many perceive as extreme metal…they’ve never tried to be the fastest, the most brutal or, despite the obvious connotations of their name, the most blasphemous. They just create music on their own terms with no desire to meet any outside expectations.  The Heretics is for sure the most cinematic of all ROTTING CHRIST albums. A lot of this sounds like it could be the soundtrack […]

Interview: SEAX

NO SHELTER FROM THE FALLOUTInterview with SEAXBy: Dr. Mality The sirens are screaming. Incoming barrage from SEAX is imminent! Hailing from Massachusetts, SEAX is that rare breed of American metal band that not only invokes the power of a bygone metal age, they personify it. There are very few bands from these shores that pay homage to the raging speed metal sound of the early 80’s and do it right, but SEAX is one. Think of eldritch names such as EXCITER, IRON ANGEL, HAWAII, AGENT STEEL and the like and you’ll instantly know the SEAX sound. Fallout Rituals is the […]