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Album Review: Mizmor – Prosaic

MIZMOR’s fourth proceeds, ‘Only An Expanse’ a whirlwind of unadorned and raw auricular fury, which is strange, given the acceptance of the subject matter. Not so much resigned to fate as an “…in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content”, yet aware that moods shift, experiences at times flash through, and in others drag one into the slough. It’s rare that our bright flashes of happiness can be converted to a sustaining joy, also uncommon that a grief, a trauma, a general “bad event” doesn’t want to rest its weary feet in the cabin of our heart and lives […]

U.S. Trad-Metal Stalwarts ENTIERRO to Release The Gates Of Hell in October

New Haven (CT) – Traditional heavy metal band ENTIERRO has just completed their fifth collection of new songs, titled The Gates of Hell, at Dexter’s Lab Studio under the watchful eye of engineer Nick Bellmore. The album will be released on October 19! The album’s title track is streaming now HERE The Gates Of Hell not only marks a return to the studio where they recorded their self-titled full length album, but also introduces a new period for the band, as this incarnation of the unit has grown into a solid force in songwriting and collaboration. Most bands take time […]

Album Review: Marduk – Memento Mori

Time sure hasn’t sanded the edges off of MARDUK. Memento Mori has some of the fastest, most vicious metal these guys have ever played. There’s a hardcore contingent of “fans” that complain the band has lost its edge when they ditched their Sieg Heiling bass player. You sure can’t hear it here. ‘Blood Of The Funeral’, ‘Coffin Carol’ and ‘Red Tree of Blood’ are like barbed wire whips that rip the flesh from your bones. Yet if you listen carefully, there is also strange melody and even a kind of brutal elegance that slips into some of these tunes. The […]

CONNY OCHS: Singer/Songwriter To Release German-Sung Wahn Und Sinn LP Through Exile On Mainstream In October; Artwork, Track Listing, And Preorders Posted

Four-and-a-half years have passed since CONNY OCHS’ most recent album, Doom Folk. While new music from the man was rare in the record store, he was quite active on stage. In addition to some solo tours and very intensive concerts including the online Roadburn Festival 2020 and two touching performances in the Dolomites in 2021 and 2022, which fans could follow via livestream, the artist, who works and lives in Germany and Italy, surprised us especially with the band Trialogos, whose 2021 debut album Stroh Zu Gold presented a completely new side of CONNY OCHS. Working with multi-instrumentalists Kiki Bohemia […]

Album Review: Courtney Gains – Safe Haven [EP]

Aside from co-starring in my second favorite horror film of all time (more on that in an upcoming interview), COURTNEY GAINS has realized a dream that a very small percentage of actors and musicians see come to life – that of working in his chosen field for nigh on four decades. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, look, there’s this fancy schmancy “internet” thing. You’ll recognize him. But this here’s about the music so, as the Looney Tunes theme song says, “On with the show, this is it!”. ‘Safe Haven’ begins with a guitar phrasing that blends surf tone […]

DEN SAAKALDTE: New Album Details & Music Video

Norwegian black metal band DEN SAAKALDTE details & previews its first new album in nine years, Pesten Som Tar Over. The album is due for release on September 29th via Agonia Records. Its opening track, ‘Av Satans Ild’, is available for streaming in the form of a music video below. View/Stream ‘Av Satans Ild’ DEN SAAKALDTE is the brainchild of guitarist Sykelig, established back in 2006, after Sykelig relocated from Hellas to Norway. The band started as a one man project but soon included in its ranks members such as Kvarforth (Shining), S. Winter (ex-Gehenna), Seidemann (1349) and Øyvind Hægeland […]

Entry #1 – Let’s Open Up This Pit

Croatian Viking Metal, Post-Hardcore Dubstep, Blackgaze, Ugandan Didgeridoo Thrash. I’ve never been one for sub-sub-categorization, for whittling down a mighty oak to a single toothpick just to “nail” a band’s sound or any sort of artist’s work exactly. It cheapens the music, flies in the face of art’s goal, pisses on the creative spirit and purports to govern you in what way you “must” appreciate (or despise). Nearly 51 Earth-years into this journey, I’m quite simply over it. Of course, use descriptors, but it’s the need to feel one “has” to that’s my gripe, and always has been. Crack open […]

Out now: Waldgeflüster – Femundsmarka

Twelve years after its original release, Nordvis presents this remastered version of WALDGEFLÜSTER’s Femundsmarka – Eine Reise in drei Kapiteln. The album chronicles a trek undertaken by the band’s mastermind, Winterherz, and his brother, P, through the Femundsmarka National Park in Norway. Building on a foundation of atmospheric black metal, Winterherz uses various samples of wilderness and sea to weave a sonic tapestry that blends seamlessly with meticulously crafted acoustic melodies. Instrumental interludes play a pivotal role, serving as introductions, transitions, and a grand finale – all enhancing the conceptual nature of the album. The vocal performances of both brothers […]

Introducing Noitila – new single and album announcement

The time has come for a first glimpse into the harrowing soundscape of NOITILA. Langennut, the project’s debut album, will be released by Nordvis on October 20, 2023. Listen to and watch ‘Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren’ The band commented:‘Kylvemme sateessa enkelten veren’ is a cosmic cry – a declaration of war against the light. In Noitila, worlds intersect; the heavens merge with the earth, and the earth with the underworld. One step across the threshold and NOITILA becomes a lightning rod – both the band and the location, which for us are one and the same. In symbiosis, we channel […]

Actor/Horror Icon COURTNEY GAINS Announces New Album, Safe Haven

Renowned actor and celebrated horror icon Courtney Gains, known for his unforgettable roles in classic films such as Children Of The Corn and The ‘Burbs returns to the world of music with his new album, Safe Haven. Combining his innate talent for storytelling with a passion for music, Gains delivers a collection of captivating tracks that showcase his multifaceted artistry. Safe Haven is not only a musical endeavor worth celebrating but a testament to Gains’ artistic evolution. Perhaps best known for his role as Malachi in the 1984 classic Children Of The Corn, Gains demonstrates a remarkable departure from that […]