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Album Review: Hooded Menace – The Tritonus Bell

Well, Lasse Pyykko and his band of merry noose-knotters are at it again. Wisely removing themselves from the utter dreck that was 2020, HOODED MENACE return to ring The Tritonus Bell, and, in turn, our ears…we hope. For the first time since 2008 debut, Fulfill The Curse, the time between full-lengths hasn’t been stop-gapped by at least one EP or split, leading one to believe that ol’ HM really did pour everything it had into the cauldron, churned it up with a femur, added one eye of defrocked priest, one hymen of promiscuous nun, the blood of a somewhat perturbed […]

CONNOISSEUR: Oakland Beatdown Stoners Cough Up ‘Your Ass Is Grass’ Official Video; Split LP With TRAPPIST Out Now On Tankcrimes

Oakland’s most baked moshlords CONNOISSEUR have exhaled an official video for ‘Your Ass Is Grass’. The track is found on the band’s Cross Faded split LP with Los Angeles’ TRAPPIST, a lethal convergence of fastcore, sludge, powerviolence, and underground hardcore punk, out now on Tankcrimes. Self-described as “full blown marijuana addicts from Oakland, California playing really fast and very sludgy at times”, and likening themselves to Earth Crisis if they “smoked weed and listened to Spazz”, the bongclobbering members of CONNOISSEUR exhale raging upbeat/d-beat surges packed with resin-coated sludgedowns and brutal cheeba-charged vocal exhalations that consume the listener in a […]

Album Review: Lower 13 – Embrace The Unknown

LOWER 13 is a trio hailing from Cleveland, OH, an area I’ve always much more associated with the hardcore of RINGWORM, SIX FEET DEEP, or the doom of FRAYLE, the dirty-dirty sludge of FISTULA, RUE and their incestuous spawn. Which means I’m intrigued at what sort of traditional metal comes from the land of the burning river, so here goes. The band’s fourth, Embrace The Unknown, stumbles from the start, the title track a jumbled mish-mash of “alright, I guess, if you like that sort of thing” to outright bad ideas firing off in all directions, as if, lacking anything […]

FOREVER AUTUMN RELEASES NEW SONG, ‘Amoung The Roots’, from Hail The Forest Dark

FOREVER AUTUMN has just released ‘Amoung The Roots’, a new song which presents a beautifully idiosyncratic approach to blackened doom metal. The uncompromisingly dark track has just premiered at Sleeping Village Reviews and is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP, Hail The Forest Dark. The whole Hail The Forest Dark EP represents something of a sonic departure from FOREVER AUTUMN’s usual acoustic doom / blackened folk. ‘Amoung The Roots’ brings Autumn Ni Dubhghaill’s harsh distorted guitar and terrifying black metal screams to the fore, whilst folk-style instruments reinforce the song’s chilling and ritualistic atmosphere. Ni Dubhghaill commented about the EP: […]

Album Review: Withered – Verloren

Dense, depressing and heavy, WITHERED arise from the Georgia swamps once more with Verloren. This band is an ever-changing enigma, but one thing you can always be certain of no matter what album you pick up: the music will be darker than the bottom of a well. Verloren keeps pace with the nightmarish age we find ourselves in. This is a suffocating kind of album, one that doesn’t allow much light to escape. WITHERED’s sound has always been hard to make a comparison to, but it’s thick, smothering death metal with touches of sludge and the Gothic. ‘By Tooth In […]

BLUE ÖYSTER CULT tribute album out January 2022 on Ripple Music

Californian powerhouse RIPPLE MUSIC is proud to confirm a January 2022 release for its anticipate all-star tribute album, Dominance And Submission: A Tribute To BLUE ÖYSTER CULT. The album will feature covers by Steve Hanford, Mark Lanegan, Billy Anderson, Zeke, Mondo Generator, members of High On Fire, Quasi, Fu Manchu, and many other names of the heavy rock world. This special tribute album was initiated by Poison Idea’s departed drummer Steve Hanford, in conjunction with Ian Watts of Ape Machine. Founded in 1967, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT are considered pioneers of occult rock’n’roll, marking generations with timeless anthems such as ‘(Don’t […]

Album Review: Pharaoh – The Powers That Be

“Bring me their heads! Set loose the war dogs! Blood will flow by the powers that be. . .”We’re not even two minutes into the title track of The Powers That Be, and already we are beckoned forth with an epic battle cry. If you can’t feel the call, I suggest you crank up your volume. If that weren’t enough to stir you, very well, go live in your mediocrity. Heads will remain on shoulders; the dogs will mope around in their kennels, and the only thing flowing will be your inner barbarian’s tears as you sit back down to […]

InsideOutMusic/Sony Music announce the signing of JETHRO TULL

InsideOutMusic/Sony Music are extremely pleased to announce the signing of progressive rock legends JETHRO TULL to the label. The band has already completed a new album titled The Zealot Gene, which can be expected in early 2022. Ian Anderson had this to say about the new signing – “After 54 years in the world of music recording, it is with great pleasure that I now sign JETHRO TULL to a record company which reminds me, in many ways, of the old Chrysalis label – both as an independent and in its later years in partnership with EMI. Here are real […]

Album Review: VREID – Wild North West

Sogndal’s favorite sons, VRIED, return with album number nine, having kept to a reliable schedule of an album every 2-3 years throughout the entity’s nearly two-decade career. While never veering too far from the path originally embarked upon in Kraft, the outfit has managed to remain reliable in quality as well thus far. To be honest, Wild North West was one of those albums that, even before listening, I entered upon the assumption that it would rise to the same watermark as the formers had. At first look, there was that rare sight of a vibrant cover, bursting with Frank […]


Coming off their most successful album yet, Paradigm (which includes the massive single ‘Viva La Victoria’ that has 15 million streams and counting), Sweden’s ECLIPSE return with their new studio album, Wired, on October 8, 2021. A new single and music video from the album, ‘Bite The Bullet’ is out today. Watch the video HERE Pre-order/save Wired at THIS LOCATION The album will be available in the following formats: CD Crystal Vinyl (available worldwide) Red Vinyl (exclusive to Frontiers’ US & EU webstores and Nordic retailers – Limited to 500 copies WORLDWIDE) Cassette (exclusive to Frontiers’ US & EU webstores […]