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ViOS – SlaveForm [EP]

While the words “progressive instrumental metal” often cause a nervous tic when first heard together, that’s what Steve Lewis is on about with his ViOS project. ‘Druj’ captivates from the start, as if NEVERMORE had made more use of keyboards, or PENAL COLONY had made more of guitars. TRIBE AFTER TRIBE percussion, and time signature leaps that actually make sense. More accessible on its face, ‘Abort’ is no less interesting, and the beauty of what’s on offer here is that it wasn’t written for vocals, enabling Lewis true free rein. ‘Saturation’ breathes out sonic cosmology, quite darkly alluring. I’m not […]

NIGHTHÄMMER: Oakland Black Metal Crew Announce Debut Album Land Of Fear / Pre-Orders Now Available via Inferna Profundus

American black metal outfit NIGHTHÄMMER has announced its debut album Land Of Fear, due out June 28 via Inferna Profundus Records. Born in the vilest gutters of Oakland, NIGHTHÄMMER was conceived by guitarist Coffin in 2023. Shortly thereafter, drummer Grond and bassist Frost Tormentor joined the ranks, and the trio plunged into Earhammer Studio to record Land Of Fear with the renowned Greg Wilkinson (Autopsy, Brainoil, Necrot), crafting their formidable sonic heresy. Channeling the spirit of second-wave black metal titans like Gorgoroth, Immortal, Darkthrone and Deströyer 666, NIGHTHÄMMER fuses thrash and d-beat into their blitzkrieg of speed-driven riffs, thunderous drums, […]

Album Review: Julie Christmas – Ridiculous And Full Of Blood

Fourteen years after the laudable debut from JULIE CHRISTMAS, The Bad Wife, she of the many projects and of the many voices returns with Ridiculous And Full Of Blood. With a backing band is composed of members from CULT OF LUNA, CANDIRIA and KENMODE (as well as others), ‘Not Enough’ begins, tribal, percussive and ritual, a “calling up” of spirits before drifting into trip-hop/electro momentarily, more reminiscent of the singer’s past than much found here. Tom Tierney’s ever-present keys take the lead for much of ‘Supernatural’ cementing, as they will come to throughout Ridiculous And Full Of Blood, how much […]

ARMORED SAINT Releases Rendition Of ‘One Chain (Don’t Make No Prison)’; Video/Single Now Playing

ARMORED SAINT, leaders and stalwarts of the American heavy metal scene since the early 1980s, are back with a brilliant rendition of ‘One Chain (Don’t Make No Prison)’. The classic track was originally written by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter and was first released by People in 1970. Additional covers include The Four Tops (1974), Santana (1978), and The Doobie Brothers (1989). Comments vocalist John Bush, “[Bassist] Joey [Vera] came up with the idea of doing the song. We’ve always been huge fans of old school soul and R&B music so it was a no brainer. It’s got a great […]

Album Review: Saltpig – Saltpig

‘Satan’s War’ is lo-fi ‘70s CROW and ICECROSS worship, yet that’s not to say the sound is thin or otherwise deficient; rather, the rough ‘n’ ragged mix adds to the draw in this age of even “occult” bands sounding fresh off the factory floor at Baphomet-Mart. When the song builds and builds…and builds to a rousing climax, you know the duo are both worshippers and students of the craft. A boogie-type riff and blues rhythm form the backbone of ‘Demon’ Fabio Allesandrini destroying preconceptions and displaying himself as not only a competent but sonically interesting drummer out from behind the […]

MOLDER announce US tour dates

Chicago, IL fetid death metal band MOLDER has announced US tour dates this summer, with Goetia and Dripping Decay. The Disgusting Decay tour promises pure death metal madness, with new music from MOLDER to be shared in the coming months – more details of which will be revealed soon. Full dates for The Disgusting Decay tour are detailed below. Speaking on the tour announcement, MOLDER comments: “We’ll be skulking our way through the US this August… Hope to see you freaks at one of these dates!” MOLDER Online:Facebook

Album Review: The Antikaroshi – L’inertie Polaire

“Those” labels are few and far between; the ones where – even if you don’t vibe completely with everything about a band or album – you can, at the very least, respect the artistic endeavor, the honesty of the work itself. Germany’s Exile On Mainstream has long been one of those, which makes me even more reluctant to admit that L’nertie Polaire will be my introduction into THE ANTIKAROSHI, six albums into its discography. Truth, though. That’s what ya get here. Inspired by/interlaced with concepts described in the Paul Virilio tome sharing this title, L’inertie Polaire opens, moving forward with […]

ENTHEOS: Progressive Death Metal Duo Unleashes ‘Life In Slow Motion’ Video/Single

Progressive death metal duo ENTHEOS today unleashes their latest single, ‘Life In Slow Motion’. The track, and accompanying video, follows the band’s crushing ‘An End To Everything’ single released last month and serves as a precursor to the music to come later this year. Elaborates vocalist Chaney Crabb, “‘Life In Slow Motion’ is a song about seeing life through the eyes of drug addiction and the ways that it affects not only the addict, but the people who surround them. It’s about wanting to return to a moment in life where the addiction took over and pondering what could have […]

Album Review: Ufomammut – Hidden

If you’re looking to take a chemical vacation, there’s no better band than Italy’s UFOMAMMUT to provide a soundtrack for your trip. Some might consider that statement frivolous, but I stand by it. These guys have a groove so heavy that even GOD would be spacing out to it. 2024 marks 25 years for this mega-heavy band and Hidden is a fitting landmark. Holy Timothy Leary, but this thing is THICK! I’ve heard dirty bass sounds in my time, but this takes the ever-lovin’ cake. Even in comparison with UFOMAMMUT’s prior work, this is totally abyssal. It almost doesn’t need […]

WOLFHEART Share Draconian Darkness Album Details & Launch Pre-Orders; First Digital Single, ‘Grave’, To Arrive On June 7

Summer may be just beginning, but Finnish melodic death metal maestros WOLFHEART are already looking ahead to the release of their new album Draconian Darkness. Recorded at Deep Noise Studios and produced, mixed, and mastered by the band’s long-time collaborator Saku Moilanen, the album will be released on September 6, 2024, via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM), just as the somber season returns. The album’s first single, ‘Grave’, will be available on June 7 and captures the raw intensity of dark winter nights combined with the majestic beauty of nature. You can pre-save the track HERE Pre-order Draconian Darkness in the […]