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DEAD CAN DANCE Announce North and South America Tour in April & May 2020

Return to North and South America in April & May 2020Performing: A Celebration Of Life & Works 1980 – 2020 DEAD CAN DANCE will be embarking on an extensive North and South American tour beginning in Philadelphia, PA on April 17, playing shows across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Peru and ending with two shows in Santiago, Chile on May 24 and 26. The tour sees Brendan Perry, Lisa Gerrard and full backing band return to the Americas for the first time since Coachella in April 2013. Following their sold out two-legged European tour in the Spring of 2019 […]


Los Angeles, CA – AOP Records is happy to announce the signing of new aeon black/death metal masters THE SPIRIT. Two and a half years after the self-release of their internationally lauded debut album Sounds From The Vortex (re-released on Nuclear Blast in August 2018) and an extensive European tour with Hypocrisy and Kataklysm, the German combo from Saarbrücken has completed the recording of their sophomore studio effort. Due to be released in early 2020 via AOP Records, this new full-length album will see the band following their path between (melodic) black and death metal. Prepare to get lost in […]

Album Review: Orodruin – Ruins Of Eternity

While I’m not opposed to clean vocals, Mike Puleo’s delivery just simply doesn’t do it for me. The vocals – his voice – is in no way bad, but not my cup of mead, so to speak. Instrumentally ORODRUIN is definitely talented. The melodies are pleasant, and the riffs aren’t bad, but again not something I can get into 100%. If you’re into neo-traditional doom metal you will like this album, with its super-clean vocals, heavy (but not overbearing) riffs, and soloing. That sentence right there, I feel, sums up ORODRUIN pretty well, being someone who hasn’t heard them up […]

FABIO FRIZZI Announces The Beyond Composers Cut Tour Frizzi 2 Fulci

FABIO FRIZZI is returning to North America to perfom the legendary score for The Beyond. The Beyond is a psychedelic, supernatural nightmare directed by the granddaddy of Italian splatter Lucio Fulci. The second film in Fulci’s Gates Of Hell trilogy sandwiched between City Of The Living Dead (1980) and The House By The Cemetery (1981), The Beyond’s loose narrative revolves around a Louisiana hotel which may in fact be one of the seven gates to hell. The movie is beloved by horror fans for its surrealistic imagery and gore-tastic set pieces, including gouged out eyes, face-eating spiders, reanimated corpses, and […]

Cirith Ungol launches live video for ‘Join The Legion’ from upcoming live album/DVD, I’m Alive

On October 25th, CIRITH UNGOL will release their new live album/DVD, I’m Alive, via Metal Blade Records. Capturing CIRITH UNGOL at the peak of their darkened, mystical powers before a rapturous crowd at the Up the Hammers festival in Athens, Greece, this recording showcases the magic and might of the band onstage. It’s accompanied by additional performances recorded at the Hammer Of Doom (2017) and Rock Hard Festivals (2018) in Germany. For this monumental release, a special in-depth documentary spanning 2 hours in length was recorded, which includes exclusive interviews about the history and legacy of the band, as told […]

Album Review: MNRVA – Black Sky

Not knowing what to expect from MNRVA’s Black Sky I was greeted with a shrill guitar intro and growling bass on ‘Not The One’. Personally I think they could have tried or experimented with lower tuning and/or different distortion pedals, but that’s just me. As the song progresses, before we even get to the vocals, I’m noticing the transitions between riffs is pretty rough. The vocals completely shit the bed for me. The whole song is honestly pretty corny to me. Not in the good, hilarious sort of way, but in that cringe sort of way. Upon reaching the second […]

WOLVES LIKE US: Norwegian Post Hardcore Unit Unleashes “Oil Money;” Brittle Bones Full-Length Nears Release Via Pelagic Records

Stream/Share WOLVES LIKE US’ ‘Oil Money’ At THIS LOCATION New Noise Magazine is currently streaming ‘Oil Money’ from Norwegian post hardcore unit WOLVES LIKE US. The track comes by way of the band’s impending fourth full-length, Brittle Bones, set for release October 25th via Pelagic Records. Forged in 2010, WOLVES LIKE US emerged out of the ashes of local punk/hardcore pioneers JR Ewing, Amulet, and Infidels Forever, among others. The band quickly made a name for themselves as an super-energetic live band within the local scene, blending equal parts Quicksand and Afghan Wings with their own idiosyncratic post-hardcore sound. After […]

Album Review: Municipal Waste – The Last Rager

I’m not about to sit here and tell you I’ve been a fan of, well, anything Tony Ferrera and his band of self-styled hard-partying miscreants has done under the banner of MONOLITHIC…erm, sorry…MUNICIPAL WASTE. To be honest, the whole idea kinda rubs me up the wrong way. Sure, EXODUS had its moments of fun for fun’s sake in the likes of ‘Toxic Waltz’, and don’t even get me started on the never-deserved-to-be-in-the-Big-Four-anyway ANTHRAX, but at least occasionally they’d kick out some decent jams to make up the difference. Not so with these guys, and I’m not really sure how, nearly […]

New Doom from The Mighty ORODRUIN: ‘Man Of Peace’

Rochester (NY) – U.S. Doom Metal stalwarts ORODRUIN have released the second single from forthcoming album Ruins Of Eternity. Stream ‘Man Of Peace’ HERE The wait is finally over! American doom legends ORODRUIN return with their first studio album in 16 years, the masterful Ruins Of Eternity. The album’s first single, ‘Forsaken’, is streaming at this location. Ruins Of Eternity will be released October 25 on Cruz Del Sur Music. Pre-order Ruins Of Eternity:Bandcamp Vinyl LP CD One of the most highly-regarded names in American doom metal picks up where they left off from their classic Epicurean Mass debut with […]

AVSLUT set release date for new OSMOSE album, reveal first track

Today, Osmose Productions sets November 29th as the international release date for AVSLUT’s highly anticipated second album, Tyranni, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The highly anticipated second album from the Swedish black metal legion AVSLUT is finally ready to be unleashed upon the world. With nine vicious new songs, the band takes it to a whole new level with Tyranni. AVSLUT depicts a deformed, decayed, and lost mankind. The group has its roots in the suburbs of Stockholm. With full force, following their well-received Deceptis debut album for Osmose last year, AVSLUT waste no time in continuing their reign […]