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Obsidian Tongue – The Stone Heart [EP]

OBSIDIAN TONGUE weaves into ‘The Stone Heart’, and we, standing in a clearing while gazing toward the shimmering line of grey rain that falls steady, sure on the border with the surrounding forest. The storm shifts, turns inward, closer, then enters us, wreaking havoc. Suspended yet descending slowly, ‘Winter Child’ is ache and melancholia, yet a stark look at the flesh and eyes that gaze back at one from the mirror of truth – unfoolable and unforgiving. Amid the droning vocal harmonies and harsh howl, we bow, scrawling our destiny on frozen ground. Instrumental ‘Bear At The Tree Of Light’ […]

ARÐ unveil first video single and details of new album

Monastic Doom inventors ARÐ return with their highly anticipated sophomore full-length Untouched By Fire. As a first glimpse of their new masterpiece, the Northumbrian band reveal the lyric video ‘Cursed To Nothing But Patience’ as the first single taken from the forthcoming new album, for which the release date April 26, 2024 has been carved in runes. On Untouched By Fire, ARÐ narrate the tale of another Northern saint, the Anglo-Saxon warrior-king Oswald, also called Whiteblade, who united the lands of Bernicia and Deira, and reigned over the thus newly created Kingdom of Northumbria between the years 633 and 642. […]

Album Review: Big Scenic Nowhere – The Waydown

While I remember digging BIG SCENIC NOWHERE’s initial two EPs, Dying On The Mountain and especially 2020’s more prog-tinged Lavender Blues, I’ll admit to letting 2020 debut LP Vision Beyond Horizon and The Long Morrow of the following year slip under my radar, always “intending to” go back and investigate what the foursome could do within the space of an album. I never did, though, so no better time than now to check in. Opener and title track, ‘The Waydown’ doesn’t so much arrive as materialize before closed eyes and open ears, the vocal harmonies and flowing, yet purposeful momentum […]

ULTHAR: Blackened Death Metal Trio Announces First US Tour In Five Years

Blackened death metal trio ULTHAR will return to stages this Spring on an eleven-date US tour. The journey commences in Oakland, California on April 26th and concludes with a performance at Norwest Terror Fest in Seattle, Washington on May 9th. The tour marks the band’s first tour since 2019! Tickets are on sale now. See confirmed dates below. ULTHAR will be touring in support of their critically adored Anthronomicon and Helionomicon full lengths, release last year via 20 Buck Spin. Anthronomicon embodies the continued progression of ULTHAR’s mastery over its art. From the opening blasts and twisting mania of ‘Cephalophore’, […]

Album Review: Stygian Crown – Funeral For A King

THIS is how you Doom! STYGIAN CROWN have written a textbook on epic slow motion metal with Funeral For A King and demonstrate just how this art should be performed. This is one of the best doom efforts of 2023 and might just slip onto my “Best Of” list for the year. This shit is heavy! Yet it is also stately and melodic…well composed and varied. The shadow of CANDLEMASS hangs deep over STYGIAN CROWN, but it’s not merely mimickry and there’s a thick burliness to the songs that exceeds what is generally heard from the Swedish masters. The title […]

DPERD new release, Choices: cover and tracklist unveiled

Choices is DPERD’s 8th album, and is going to add another wonderful and intimate piece to their incredible twenty-year career. Once again the great German photographer Lilith Terra is behind the amazing self-portrait used as cover artwork for the album because her work is the pure transposition into images of their intimate and melancholic music. The album was conceived without any pause, as a long journey into their vision of human existence and their feelings, and will consist of 18 songs. Choices Tracklist: Another Chance Go On Amore E Libertà Only Void Salamanca A Needed Desire For Me Old Friend […]

Ghoul – Noxious Concoctions [EP]

For well over 20 years GHOUL has been splattering minds and bodies with their truly twisted death/grind/thrash, so it’s no surprise Noxious Concoctions follows that same formula. With ‘The Eyes Of The Witch’, the foursome chugs along at a mid-paced but mangling rhythm ‘n’ riff-ride, while the title track ups the ante in both speed and fury, a bit of UNLEASHED in the guitar tone. ‘Shotgun Gulch’ returns to a confrontational stomp/swagger, fine for what it is but a bit too “throwaway” SIX FEET UNDER for my taste. However, the snarling ‘Ratlicker’ and FUNEROT cover that put the final shovelful […]

NÆSTVED METALFEST 2024 – SATYRICON & 7 bands more added to the program

It’s no secret NÆSTVED METALFEST is growing. This is clearly backed up by the interest and ticket sales for NÆSTVED METALFEST 2024. With today’s announcement of this year’s headliner – Norwegian legends SATYRICON – the festival can now be labeled as Denmark’s largest independent metal festival. SATYRICON, with Satyr and Frost as the spearheads, has existed for over three decades, and throughout time has managed to stay relevant and contemporary. From pure black metal to several alternative takes on extreme metal and most recently an ambitious album with music based on the paintings and art of the countryman Munch. When […]

Album Review: Upon Stone – Dead Mother Moon

Ah, melodic death metal. From Gothenburg, Sweden and Finland did the beautiful yet razored strains of our beloved metal flow. While I’ll admit to being a lifer of the Stockholm sound, the rusted yet tearing teeth of the Swedish Chainsaw (HM-2) cranked to oblivion, the sometimes- bludgeoning doom-influenced moments, there’s something special about the more precise attack of the G-burg bands, and the inherent melody they brought to the table. And thus, from the cold, jagged cliffs, the snow-encased lands of the San Fernando Valley, California comes UPON STONE. Say what you will, but I’d imagine growing up as a […]

THE VISION BLEAK announce new album and release first single from upcoming Weird Tales

Horror metal poets THE VISION BLEAK reveal the lyric video ‘Weird Tales Chapter IV & V’ as the first single excerpt taken from the one-track album Weird Tales. The seventh full-length of the Germans is slated for release on April 12, 2024. View the lyric video for ‘Weird Tales Chapter IV & V’ Pre-Order HERE THE VISION BLEAK comment: “Here is the first excerpt from our new album, Weird Tales, in the shape of two chapters”, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Schwadorf states on behalf of the duo. “This album is a one-track opus of darkness and grandeur that we had […]