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VOODUS – ‘Pillars Of Fire’ track premiere

‘Pillars Of Fire’ is taken from the upcoming mini album Open The Otherness, out soon on Shadow Records (distributed & marketed by Regain Records). Release date: June 22, 2020 The Swedish black metal band VOODUS came to unholy life under the name Jormundgang more than a decade-and-a-half ago. Following the release of several demos and an album, the band adopted VOODUS as their new name, and since then have released a pair of EPs, one full length, Into The Wild, and now a new EP called Open The Otherness, out in June 2020. Watch the video HERE VOODUS Online:Bandcamp Facebook

EXPUNGED set release date for HELLS HEADBANGERS debut mini-album

Hells Headbangers sets April 24th as the international release date for EXPUNGED’s highly anticipated debut mini-album, Expunged, on 12″ vinyl format. EXPUNGED is the brainchild of death metal master W.D., who’s previously handled the axe in Dead Soul Alliance and Evolution Fail stretching as far back as the mid ’90s. W.D. is the songwriter and K.F. drums (from old-school death metallers Töteblut), while J.S. (AKA Jo “Steel” Capitalicide from Ice War) is on vocal and lyrical duties as well as handling the bass, with the latter showing how versatile his singing abilities can somehow be. Formed in the spring of […]

Cage of Creation announces new album: Into Nowhere II

Russian psychedelic black rock act CAGE OF CREATION unveil details of their upcoming album Into Nowhere II, scheduled for release on 29 April 2020 via Devoted Art Propaganda as a limited golden digipack CD. Ahead of the album’s release, listen to the track ‘Into Nowhere X’ HERE The second part in the Into Nowhere album series, Into Nowhere II takes the listener deep into the forest on a lunar shamanic journey, it explores moonlit nights, the thin line between meditation, death and infinity. “Follow up your end-journey deep through the timberline. Just remember, the deeper into the wood you go, […]

Album Review: Death The Leveller – II

When a band’s first long-player is titled II, two things become starkly clear. One, something has come before – in this case, 2017’s creatively-titled I. And two, that what’s found on DEATH THE LEVELLER’s Cruz Del Sur debut is to be seen as a continuation. And thus, so armed, to Bandcamp I did go, armed with 4 EUR ($4.34 for USsians), and was summarily impressed by the emotion found within I’s four expansive tracks, ‘Gone Forever’ especially showing a band with promise and clearly with its eyes to the future, albeit bleak. Now comes II, and the wailing guitar stunt-doubling […]

Cult of Lilith signs worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records is proud to welcome Iceland’s CULT OF LILITH to its worldwide roster! Formed in 2015, CULT OF LILITH draws inspiration from multiple genres and time periods of music: metal (and all of its sub-genres), jazz, blues, flamenco, avant-garde, baroque and classical music. Uncompromising, raw and brutal, with hauntingly beautiful melodies, CULT OF LILITH is truly unique and diverse, but has a cohesive theme that binds all of their musical elements together. CULT OF LILITH comments: “We are beyond happy to announce this signing with a label which has influenced generations including us. It is an honor to […]

Witchskull to Release A Driftwood Cross April 24th via Rise Above Records

The skies are dark. The atmosphere is thick with dread. The future looks bleak. Only pure, red-blooded heavy fucking metal can save us now. Belching effortlessly classic and crushing anthems from the riffian depths, with all the power and panache of Black Sabbath at their peak, Witchskull return in 2020 to stir our souls once again. WITCHSKULL will release their new album A Driftwood Cross April 24th via Rise Above Records. Pre-order the album on Amazon and iTunes Students of monolithic, turbo-charged and fuzzed-out doom will already be familiar with this Australian trio. Erupting into the consciousness of riff worshippers […]

Interview: Frayle

Within its short 3-year lifespan, Ohio’s atmospheric metal duo (now turned quintet) FRAYLE has birthed 2 EPs featuring its heady blend of ethereal vocals and towering riffs/rhythms, culminating now in the recently-released debut full-length, 1692. Lord Randall sat down with founding members Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky to time travel back to 1692, and discuss how, though much has changed, much remains the same. BY CHOICE, NOT BLOODInterview with Gwyn Strang and Sean Bilovecky of FRAYLEInterview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: Back in 2017 when FRAYLE was birthed, did you already have a plan in mind – an image or […]

ECLIPSE Announces Live From The Quarantine – Streaming Concert For April 1st!

Swedish rockers take their show online, including the debut performance of brand new single! After having to postpone gigs all over the world due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Swedish band ECLIPSE have organized an online gig that will be streamed LIVE from Stockholm on Wednesday April 1st at 8pm CET. Lead singer Erik Martensson: ”In the last few weeks we have had to cancel shows in Japan, Australia, the UK, Spain and a bunch of other places. So we started talking about what options we had. We could of course set up a phone in our rehearsal space and […]

Album Review: Smoulder – Dream Quest Ends

The Good Doctor must have been under a sleeping enchantment when SMOULDER’s debut Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring hit the racks last year. How I could have missed an album with Michael Whelan art on the cover can only be explained by sorcery. Now comes the Canadian band’s EP, entitled Dream Quest Ends, which gives me a second chance. Epic sword and sorcery metal with a very doom-laden aura and ringing female vocals is the most succinct way to describe Dream Quest Ends. Imagine MANILLA ROAD played at CANDLEMASS velocity and you’ve hit on the SMOULDER template. And […]


“Do we sing what we write or write what we sing?” Mark Lanegan and Wesley Eisold have come together to present words of dystopian desolation — well timed, no doubt. Plague Poems is a collection of 23 poems written by each, for love: lost, losing, and even sometimes found. Written in February and March of 2020, the sub-conscious presents a narrative of love in the end of days. Eisold comments, “This is Mark’s first collection of poetry and on my end, these are the poems I’ve always wanted to write but couldn’t until now. Undoubtedly you will understand why once […]