BLOOD OF KINGU’s 2010 Sun In The House Of The Scorpion and Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon of four years later were, to these ears, classic cosmic black metal albums, their focus on ancient Middle Eastern mythology rendered all the more unforeseen by the entity behind them being Roman Saenko, founding (and current) guitarist/bassist of Ukrainian Nature-worshipers, DRUDKH.

Before all of that, though, there was De Occulta Philosophia, first released in 2007 on Supernal Music, and now given new breath by ATMF. It couldn’t have come at a better moment either, the scathing-yet-starborne ‘Your Blood, Nubia! Your Power, Egypt!’ retaining every bit of the timelessness that it did over a decade before. Riffs march, solos skitter across the waters of the Nile, reminiscent of early MELECHESH and THERION, yet with a more blatantly sinister vibe. ‘Stronghold Of Megaliths, Thorns And Human Bones’ bewilders, but in a good sense, slithering slow, captivating then coiling ’round the listeners attention span, and it must be here noted that, though BLOOD OF KINGU was, by the end, comprised of others also, the cohesiveness heard throughout De Occulta Philosophia was a labor of love by Saenko alone. Rhythmic and no less relevant today, percussive instrumental ‘Slaughter Of Shudras’ brings illumination to the inhumanities/indignities found within the Hindu caste system, while ‘Black Spectral Wings Of Shaman’ befits its name, gliding aloft and hovering over, memorable and encompassing in what might be a hymn to astral projection or out-of-body mind journeys.

For fans of 11 AS IN ADVERSARIES who wanted the ebony brilliance turned past 11, pre-’00s COVENANT with infinitely more aggression and black metal that actually sounds exquisite through headphones, De Occulta Philosophia‘s re-release could open eyes to a world (or worlds) previously undiscovered.
Review By: Lord Randall

De Occulta Philosophia
5 / 6