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Dated 2012, a piece of history of the Atmospheric Black Metal wave will be finally pressed on a gatefold LP format. Through the year LUSTRE has been rightfully recognized by most of the followers as a point of reference in shaping the guidelines of a majestic vision inspired by the northern nature. Crystalized beauty, intense and frail background atmospheres create dense layers of powerful visions. By the meany considered as a classic for the band ATMF & De Tenebrarum Principio are proud to repress, for the first time on this format, a piece of their past roster’s release history. SIDE […]


XUL OV KVLTEN are ready to get further exposure via ATMF after the totally underground and strictly limited debut album, where they proved their dedication to the darkest and vilest form of black/death metal. The Chilean combo is now evoking morbidity and chaos, throwing in their cauldron of sound both INQUISITION’s macabre feeling and early EMPEROR’s obscure choruses, in order to glorify the dark lord beyond any sort of modern compromise. Not merely a black metal band with symphonic elements, XUL OV KVLTEN took possession of some elements from the European and US death metal schools, and the result sounds […]

The Negative Bias announces upcoming album via ATMF

THE NEGATIVE BIAS – Narcissus Rising (A Metamorphosis In Three Acts) After the acclaimed debut, THE NEGATIVE BIAS are ready to introduce the listeners to a deeper understanding of their unique musical vision, one that transcends the common idea of music as a mere sum of instruments dealing with melodies and patterns. Narcissus Rising has a visionary and majestic inspiration that prominently flows though the strings and the synth lines. The evocative force of this new chapter is an exciting merging of ’90s Black Metal echoes and a genuine atmospheric attitude dealing with the dark side of the cosmos, where […]

Album Review: Blood Of Kingu – De Occultia Philosophia

BLOOD OF KINGU’s 2010 Sun In The House Of The Scorpion and Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon of four years later were, to these ears, classic cosmic black metal albums, their focus on ancient Middle Eastern mythology rendered all the more unforeseen by the entity behind them being Roman Saenko, founding (and current) guitarist/bassist of Ukrainian Nature-worshipers, DRUDKH. Before all of that, though, there was De Occulta Philosophia, first released in 2007 on Supernal Music, and now given new breath by ATMF. It couldn’t have come at a better moment either, the scathing-yet-starborne ‘Your Blood, […]