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OLKOTH set release date for special SIGNAL REX compilation

Today, Signal Rex sets August 1st as the international release date for a special collection from OLKOTH, The Immortal Depths & Treasures Of Necromancy, on vinyl LP format. An otherwise-unknown entity hailing from the United States, OLKOTH nevertheless have made waves in the black metal underground with those seek among the genre’s most mesmeric and mystical depths. To date, they’ve released two demos, The Immortal Depths in 2016 and Treasures Of Necromancy in 2017, with only the latter making its way onto super-limited cassette format. So ensorcelled by OLKOTH’s sonic alchemy, Signal Rex now endeavors to unleash this black magick […]

NEUROSIS & JARBOE: Neurot Recordings Announces Remastered Reissue Of Landmark Collaboration; Tracks Streaming + Preorders Posted

Neurot Recordings is proud to reissue the landmark collaboration by NEUROSIS & JARBOE, which was originally released in 2003. This latest version, which is fully remastered and features entirely new artwork from Aaron Turner, will be available on August 2nd, on vinyl for the first time, as well as CD and digital formats. Preorders for the album have been posted along with the new artwork and more. When two independent and distinct spheres overlap, the resulting ellipse tends to emphasize the most striking and powerful characteristics of each body. Such is the case with this particular collaboration between heavy music […]

Album Review: Abysmal Grief – Mors Eleison

The mid-late ‘90s in doom metal were a time of flux, moreso than any before or since. On the US front TROUBLE had gone full bloom, from the Sabbathian tones of its classic era into the hazed out, psychedelia-fueled Manic Frustration and Plastic Green Head, whilst on the other side of the Pond, Peaceville’s Big 3 and CATHEDRAL had morphed into entities that – while still miserable as ever – were not what they were at the start. It’s a safe bet, though, that all sub-variations of doom today owe themselves to the exploration of that time, so all that […]

Album Review: Blood Of Kingu – De Occultia Philosophia

BLOOD OF KINGU’s 2010 Sun In The House Of The Scorpion and Dark Star On The Right Horn Of The Crescent Moon of four years later were, to these ears, classic cosmic black metal albums, their focus on ancient Middle Eastern mythology rendered all the more unforeseen by the entity behind them being Roman Saenko, founding (and current) guitarist/bassist of Ukrainian Nature-worshipers, DRUDKH. Before all of that, though, there was De Occulta Philosophia, first released in 2007 on Supernal Music, and now given new breath by ATMF. It couldn’t have come at a better moment either, the scathing-yet-starborne ‘Your Blood, […]

ABYSMAL GRIEF to have classic debut EP reissued by SUN & MOON

Today, Sun & Moon Records sets June 25th as the international release date for a long-overdue reisue of ABYSMAL GRIEF’s classic debut EP, Mors Eleison, on CD format for the first time ever. By now, ABYSMAL GRIEF should require little introduction. Since 1996, the band have prolifically maintained their position as Italy’s foremost purveyors of traditional doom. Originally released in 2006 on vinyl, Mors Eleison followed a handful of demos and split releases; as such, it was ABYSMAL GRIEF’s first stand-alone pro recording just prior to their classic self-titled album in 2007. Even this early on, their sulfurous magick was […]