CUTTERED FLESH from Czech Republic have quickly made a name for themselves for rising above the clichés of brutal death metal and doing a lot more with it. There are plaintive melodies, dissonant parts, raspy vocals, slams, all of that without losing the overall sound. It makes for a fascinating, riveting listen. Metal Injection premiered their official video recently at THIS LOCATION

“CUTTERED FLESH is here to completely pound your day into dust with their new single ‘Vibrio Vulnificus’. The single is off the new CUTTERED FLESH record Sharing Is Caring, whose artwork is as gleefully brutal as the music. What I’m getting at here is that this band isn’t fucking around at all and that you should prepare yourself. Seriously.”

Defying all expectations, Czech brutal death metal band CUTTERED FLESH give birth to an album that can be regarded as an anomaly in the style, an aberration for a band sounding this heavy and brutal. Their constant variations, shocking mood changes, and tempo fluctuations belie the impossibly wide girth and ponderous gait of this band. And yet, they’re nimble and inventive, deceptively fast and catchy, emotive and thoughtful, and will invariably pound your skull into the ground and mercilessly at that. The strange juxtaposition of the slower, plaintive tunes with the bone-shattering blasting parts is as fascinating as it is lethal – it will catch you off guard and won’t play nice. It’s akin to a deranged psychopath killer showing overwhelming tendencies of remorse for his victims, but then killing them all anyway. It just has to be done. CUTTERED FLESH aren’t fucking around; they mean business but the way they do it is revolutionary and extremely effective. This album is loaded with all the death metal riffs you need, all the diversity to not only set the songs apart but also keep things interesting, and that warm, comforting, bludgeoning heaviness that will put you to sleep, perhaps permanently. And you won’t see it coming. This is as good as a brutal death metal album can get being progressive without betraying its core sound and values.


  1. Vibrio Vulnificus
  2. Black Aurora
  3. Where Only Old Flesh Stinks – Default
  4. Good Boy – Romantic Relationship With Necrotic Tissue (ft. Von Young of Lividity)
  5. The Mystery Of The Black Hen
  6. Amused By The Tenacity Of A Dying Whore
  7. Knife Is Not The Enemy
  8. My Favourite Bodybag
  9. Progressive Body Adjustment (Bonus)