It’s pretty obvious that we will not be getting another album from SOLITUDE AETURNUS, and who knows when the next CANDLEMASS will show up? Well, lovers of epic doom metal at the highest level will no longer need to starve themselves, because the mighty WHEEL has rolled in from Germany.

This is a flawless example of melodic, epic and sorrowful doom that is totally in the mode of the first classic albums from SOLITUDE AETURNUS. The sad feeling, the clear and piercing vocals, the massive crushing riffs are all here, and they are used in just the right proportion…a trick many doom bands never get the hang of. The songs have that “epic” feel, yet none overstay their welcome and there are no 10-minute plus monsters here.

WHEEL’s mastery is visible from the first seconds of ‘At Night They Came Upon Us’. Just an awesome plodding riff and crystal clear vocals from Arkadius Kurek, which are so much like Robert Lowe it hurts. This song gripped me right away and for the rest of Preserved In Time, things follow in similar fashion, without a single chink in the armor. After much consideration, I pick ‘After All’ as my favorite song here. Such a total doom metal classic, it is one of my favorite songs in this subgenre.

This isn’t sludge or stoner or death-doom or Gothic (well, maybe just a touch). This is true doom, and WHEEL are its champions. Destined to be one of 2021’s best albums!
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Preserved In Time
Cruz Del Sur Music
5.5 / 6