‘Death-Drive Projections’ begins the third installment of the Suns Of Perdition tetralogy, and wastes no time, overpowering before the first syllable is uttered, towering, scaling heights also ascended to by only few, CULTED and IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT coming to mind in the sheer breadth of sonics involved. For those who’ve been following this project since ‘19s TSOP – Chapter I: War, Horrid War, this is a near-seamless transition, almost as if all albums thus far were in succession, 3 weeks instead of three years passing.

After the first of 4 interludes, ‘B22: The Hive And The Hole’ rolls in, methodical, purposeful and no less intense, artillery rather than infantry, a crawling tank over first-wave auditory infantry. The brilliantly-titled ‘Bonfire Of The Insanities’ is a slow burn, and PANZERFAUST has never been less than forthcoming about its desire to make this story arch “bigger” in scope, more cinematic than its previous output. Holding to a doomed smolder throughout, almost with early CROWBAR as reference point, this track shows the foursome is on the right path.

Primarily a sound collage, low hum, almost dark ambient in that Cryo Chamber Records sort of way, ‘The Fury’ deposits us in the Underworld at ‘The Far Bank Of The River Styx’. Building early on, no laying about here, the foursome in tune with what it takes to build emotion to a climax. Hard-charging, head down at 1:37, a VENOM / CELTIC FROST rumbler, but seen through the lens of BATHORY, the listener can almost sense the anticipation in the members of PANZERFAUST themselves, knowing that they’re crafting a story for the Metal Ages, and by damn, it’s working.

Awash in almost tribalistic/ritual rhythms under guitars, the 5+-minute interlude of ‘Enantiodromia’ drags on a bit at first listen, but after repeated spins becomes a vital part of The Suns Of Perdition – Chapter III: The Astral Drain that one almost can’t imagine it differently, so – yes, again – seamlessly does it weave itself into finale ‘Tabula Rasa’, which surmounts the peak to which PANZERFAUST has been seeking since the beginning of this tale. Plant your flag, men. This album has conquered. I don’t know where the final chapter of The Suns Of Perdition will take us, but you’re shoulder to shoulder with your metal forefathers now, to my ears.
Review By: Lord Randall

The Suns Of Perdition – Chapter III: The Astral Drain
6 / 6