Brooklyn’s GRASS is billowing with smoke and charm with the physical release of their first EP, Fresh Grass. They have the heavy, SABBATH-infused riffs you would come to expect from a band of its namesake, but I was surprised at how big and catchy the choruses were. The EP starts with ‘Amnesia/My Wall’, and that opening riff could come right off SLEEP’s Holy Mountain. The song moves on, Phil Anton’s wail kicks in at full force, and I am hooked. ‘Black Clouds’ rolls in, and I get this mix of Stevie Ray Vaughan and THE REVEREND BIZARRE. This ended up being my favorite song on the EP due to their incredible attention to dynamics, the ebbs and flows of this track. The rest of the EP falls a little flat after the first couple of tracks, but it is still good background music as the joint is passed around the room. Overall, GRASS bring a solid EP to the table, and I look forward to what they have to offer in the future.

Review By: Robert Atkinson

Fresh Grass
4 / 6