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Album Review: UADA – Djinn

To say Portland’s UADA has “blown up” during the two years between Cult Of A Dying Sun and what we now have before us in the form of its all-important third album is the height of understatement. High profile tours (remember tours?), the made-for-mass-consumption safety of its music, and the band’s ridiculous “left hand presence” photos of late have taken what I believe was a decent “enough” second album, and sculpted the quartet into basically melodic black metal’s GHOST. The title track begins sounding like some bastard wedding of Morricone high on bath salts and an even more tremolo-heavy ALESTORM, […]

FELLWARDEN set release date for new EISENWALD album – features members of FEN

Eisenwald announces June 26 as the North American release date for FELLWARDEN’s highly anticipated second album, Wreathed In Mourncloud, on CD and vinyl LP formats. The genesis of FELLWARDEN began in 2014: inspired by the rearing landscapes and quiet, understated majesty of the fells of North-Western England, Fen frontman The Watcher embarked on a quest to embody the ambience of the region through soaring, epic black metal. Envisaged from the outset as a studio-only project, FELLWARDEN permits The Watcher to truly push the limits of creative expression, adding layer upon layer to each piece and building vast textures within extreme […]

BLAZE OF SORROW reveal new video from forthcoming EISENWALD album

Italian black metal vanguard BLAZE OF SORROW reveal the new video ‘Sonno d’eterno’. The track hails from the band’s highly anticipated sixth album, Absentia, set for North American release on April 24th via Eisenwald. See & hear BLAZE OF SORROW’s new video for ‘Sonno d’eterno’ HERE at Eisenwald’s official YouTube channel. Since 2007, BLAZE OF SORROW have been a veritable institution of Italian black metal, a scene and style too long overlooked. BLAZE OF SORROW both embody and defy the Italian idiom: medieval in its melancholy, nearly “romantic” in the literary sense of the word, but always revealing (and expanding […]

Germany’s KRATER set release date for new EISENWALD album

Eisenwald sets November 15th as the North American release date for the highly anticipated fourth album of Germany’s KRATER, Venenare, on CD, vinyl LP, and limited-edition cassette tape formats. A study in patience and progress, KRATER formed in 2003. In the band’s earliest days – across two demos, two splits, and 2006’s debut album, Das Relikt des Triumphes – the KRATER sound tended more toward pagan black metal, but powerfully so. Come 2008, however, a period of silence and self-reflection followed… When at last those sounds arrived, KRATER had taken on a new form: one partly tied to their earlier […]

Swedish Black/Death Metal Act NETHERBIRD Signs Worldwide Deal with Eisenwald

Swedish melodic black/death metal act NETHERBIRD has signed a worldwide deal with Eisenwald and will issue a new album, Into The Vast Uncharted this fall. The Stockholm-based band, which features longtime ex-Amon Amarth drummer Fredrik Andersson, is currently in the mixing phase for its upcoming album. More information will be announced in the coming months. NETHERBIRD has blurred the boundaries between black, death and other extreme strains of heavy metal since 2004. The band was founded by like-minded individuals among the Swedish metal scene with the intentions of creating harsh metal while drawing inspiration from black and death metal without […]

BY THE SPIRITS: Polish Neo-Folk Artist Signs Worldwide Deal With Eisenwald

Eisenwald is proud to announce the signing of Polish folk artist BY THE SPIRITS to an exclusive worldwide deal. A reworked compilation of the band’s partial discography is coming later this year. BY THE SPIRITS is a folk project hailing from the mystic woods of Lower Silesia near the Ślęża mountain in Poland. Founded in 2016, solo artist Michał Krawczuk has created a remarkable catalog through the practice of ancient magick, and has performed over 40 shows throughout Europe. The essence of BY THE SPIRITS is to create folk-inspired music hailing to the old gods, telling stories about the connections […]