This is the third release by CHAINED TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN preceded by a full-lenghth and initial EP over the past two years. To my jaw- dropping surprise the first track, ‘I Will Possess Your Heart’, is a DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE cover, which of course they slaughter it in the best way possible. Gritty guitar and gritty vocals, i couldn’t ask for much more.

Yet another welcome surprise is Paul Degrandpre’s clean vocal delivery at one point during ‘Out, Brief Candle’, and not for nothing, I happen to think he has a lovely voice. Truth be told, I am in love with his gritty and harsh screaming style.

CTTBOTO is absolutely one of my favorite sludge acts, and the third track, ‘Genesis Of The Daffodil’ is by far my favorite on this EP. With profound lyrics – often approaching brilliance in my opinion – and artwork by Blial Cabal (talented, and worth checking out in his own right at the usual haunts), this band delivers yet another winner.
Review By: BuiltToSuffer

Tell Me What You See Vanishing And I Will Tell You What You Are
Sludgelord Records
5 / 6