Norway’s CADAVER has always been, is, and looks to forever be Neddo. It also seems to foul the ears so sporadically as to almost be forgotten in the interim, despite cranking out some morbidly grotesque death under the name CADAVER.

And so, 16 years after the flesh-covered wrecking ball that was Necrosis, Neddo surfaces again, journeyman skinbasher Dirk Verbeuren behind the kit, to deliver D. G. A. F. At just over 10 minutes long, the duo has neither the time (nor thankfully) the inclination to fuck around, Jeff Walker lending his rasp to the title track. Luddite as all Hell, damn near at a kindergarten level lyrically, the point is still gotten across with the subtlety of a suckerpunch to the face.

‘Deformed Insanity’ has a bit more “swing” that we’re used to from CADAVER, but holds the interest, seeming as if ol’ Neddo’s picked up some tricks from the bands who formed with his as an influence. I mean, it’s been long enough of an absence that if CADAVER had come back having learned nothing, there’d really be no point in bothering.

Finishing out with ‘Disgrace’, the tune reminds of something that might’ve – were it more wretched and soaked in fetid ooze – been born of …And Here I Die…Satisfied GRAVE before things got not-in-a-good-way strange for a few years there, disjointed leadwork flicking like a serpent’s tongue over the trembling rat.

I’m going to hedge my bets on this one. If Neddo and Dirk can hang in, put out a solid album the caliber of what’s found on D. G. A. F., I’ll welcome CADAVER’s resurrection with open…casket? If not, well, this wasn’t a bad note to go out on.
Review By: Lord Randall

D. G. A. F. [EP]
Nuclear Blast
3 / 6