BURIAL PARTY launches its 10+ minute debut 7” with jagged riffing, snap-mare rhythms and Ian MacKaye-styled vox, and it’s the early ’90s all over again, son. No, not the Use Your Illusion, or even Nevermind early ’90s, mind you, but the ones that brought us Grippe / In On The Kill Taker, so you know right off what BURIAL PARTY has on offer.

‘Black Stripe’ jiggers its way into the angular, saw-toothed ‘Crisis Actor’, yanking the ghosts of noise-rawk gods DRIVE LIKE JEHU back into corporeal form, all tension, build and release, something many post-whatever bands could take a lesson in, based on what I’m hearing over the past decade. While ‘Digital Green Boots’ is more straightforward than its three companions, it leaves no lack in the energy department. Closer ‘Soft Chains’ is all string-scrape and swagger, but has a lurking melody behind its menace that serves it well.

Think of the reliability of AmRep and Touch And Go Records, and the feeling of unbridled exhilaration you get when you crank up the aforementioned bands/albums. You’ll get that with Please, Electric Move Slow, as well.
Review By: Lord Randall

Please, Electric Move Slow
4 / 6