The three-piece, black metal band BLOT & BOD bring a raw, energetic, primal but all too-familiar sound to their sophomore release, Ormekongens Argelist. This album does very little to waste your time, clocking just under thirty minutes, and I intend to do the same.

First and foremost, this album is a raw black metal assault filled with tremolo picking, blast beats, and witchy vocals all wrapped up in a lo-fi package that will make any Yule celebration kvlt and trve. Now, with that out of the way, what sets this album apart from the countless others like it? Sadly, not much, but it is done well regardless.

You do get some variation with every member contributing vocally, and you have a few memorable riffs in the tracks ‘Tæft’, ‘Slid’, ’Hob’, ‘Tet’, and ‘Arg’. The rest of the album blends together, and I even thought the album skipped back to the third track ‘Åråd’ when listening to the ninth track ‘Snok’.

Overall, Ormekongens Argelist has a very angry and primal sound that is worth a listen or two. I look forward to seeing where this band progresses and matures in the future.
Review By: Robert Atkinson

Ormekongens Argelist
Iron Bonehead Productions
3.5 / 6