From the get-go with ‘Heads Will Roll’, we are treated to some fine riffing, and a voice so smooth you wonder if the spicy lettuce has kicked in already. Feel that rolling and nodding your head? Yes, let it overtake you. That bass so crisp tickling your taste buds like a fine steak stone-cooked in the desert. This was just what I needed to hear tonight. What a pick me up!

HIGH DESERT QUEEN is what you would get if THE SWORD and GOATWHORE had a baby, and I love this baby. I would adopt it and care for it as if it were my very own. That being said, I would have to battle Father Mountain and Mother Quake – which the soundtrack for this would be ‘The Mountain vs. The Quake’, but I would fight for this baby.

Yes, now that supreme spice has taken over, I can see your eyes are a deep blue hue now. Now gaze up at ‘Skyscraper’, and let those Middle Eastern tones wash over you. Or don’t, its your call. We end on ‘Bury The Queen’. It’s not quite a dirge, not quite a eulogy, but when those distortions ring out you know you hearing the bittersweet sound of doom. Though the queen is buried, I hope they don’t mind if I dig her up and headbang just a little bit more, shame to let such a beauty go to waste. I much look forward to hearing more from this wonderful artist. Consider me Ssold.

Overall, I loved Secrets Of The Black Moon. I can’t wait to pick this bad boy up and cruise down these country backroads with this on full blast, as it should be! I hope you enjoy this just as much as I did. You’d better.
Review By: Druwedd

Secrets Of The Black Moon
Ripple Music
4 / 6