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TENHI announce new album and release lyric video

From a decade of twilight, Finnish dark folk ensemble TENHI return to the light with a lyric video for the new track ‘Saattue’ as the first single taken from their forthcoming album, Valkama, which has been slated for release on June 9, 2023. WATCH ‘Saattue’ PRE-ORDER Valkama On further news, parallel to the release of Valkama on June 9, 2023, TENHI will also make a limited hardcover slipcase box available under the title Collected Works 2023. The box will contain all TENHI recordings from 1997 to 2023 on 14 vinyl LPs, which are for most part remastered and include Valkama […]

SCOTT “WINO” WEINRICH to release official documentary this spring

WINO: The Documentary, the story of SCOTT “WINO” WEINRICH, one of heavy metal’s most iconic underground figureheads and godfather of doom, will be released by New Terms Productions on May 13th digitally and on DVD. WINO: The Documentary is the story of doom rock legend SCOTT “WINO” WEINRICH, known for his many influential bands such as The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, Premonition 13, Wino Acoustic, Place of Skulls, Shrinebuilder, Probot, and more. Dive into the outlaw life, epic career, and enduring influence of WINO, in this honest, raw, and often hilarious depiction of the man and […]

Örnatorpet reveals New single from upcoming album

Nordvis presents the first single from the upcoming ÖRNATORPET album which is due for release on May 5, 2023. Listen to ‘På jordrygg ett slott är rest’ ÖRNATORPET commented:“As the album opener, ‘På jordrygg ett slott är rest’ immediately sets the tone for Evigt främmande, evigt fjärran. Listen, and you’ll be transported to a desolate world where evil forces threaten the very fabric of reality. The title translates to ‘On a drumlin stands a castle’. The castle provides temporal shelter from the horrors lurking outside; it represents a bastion of hope in an otherwise hopeless world, and the music reflects […]


Dorthia Cottrell envisions her music as both a document of love and a reconciliation with death. On her new album, Death Folk Country, Cottrell wards off death through creation – the most distilled form of love. The spirit of love passed on through her words will be the ultimate reward for earthly suffering. Cottrell’s enigmatic presence guides listeners down a path of introspection – Death Folk Country‘s massive scope touches upon tales of love, loss, and so much more. Cottrell was raised in rural King George, Virginia, a town with less than 5,000 inhabitants. Forests and tall-grass fields stretched before […]

BESVÄRJELSEN release video for ‘The Cardinal Ride’

BESVÄRJELSEN have won the prestigious Swedish Manifestgalan Award for Metal Album Of The Year for their sophomore full-length Atlas, which was released on May 27, 2022. Congratulations from everybody at Magnetic Eye Records! Manifestgalan (“The Manifest Gala”) is Sweden’s only independent music event where prizes are awarded for works created in the past year. The gala is organised by the Swedish Independent Music Producers and partners, and it has been held annually since 2003. BESVÄRJELSEN comment: “We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but also fun into creating Atlas, so getting our labour of love recognised as the […]

DUSKWOOD: new album announced on Ripple Music

Somerset, UK’s heavy and stoner rock foursome DUSKWOOD signs to Ripple Music for the release of their sophomore full-length The Last Voyage, to be issued on May 12th worldwide. Listen to their striking new single ‘Gammon Lord’ and preorder the album now. About their new album The Last Voyage, DUSKWOOD declares: “We wanted to create something that would immerse you. Writing songs about our small-town lives, or the next new trend just doesn’t interest us anymore. Hopefully what we’ve created will allow you to kick back with a glass of liquor, close your eyes and get swept away to another […]

BURTON C. BELL To Debut ‘Paradise Found’ Photography Series At Vincent Castiglia Gallery

Industrial metal’s pioneering vocalist BURTON C. BELL will unveil his ‘Paradise Found’ photography series at the Vincent Castiglia Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this month. The series features twenty original, full-color photographs of abandoned industrial buildings taken in darkness and fog from 2002-2003. BELL’s images are printed on aluminum using the Dye Sublimation process – an approach BELL calls “celluloid impressionism”. The photographs are representational of BELL’s industrial and science fiction aesthetic. The Vincent Castiglia Gallery, which opened in 2022 to showcase Castiglia’s tattoo designs and selection of limited-edition painting prints, will be premiering BURTON C. BELL’s work on March […]

Morrison Graves unearth first single: Portland, OR heavy psych & doom meets Mark Lanegan, Black Angels, The Doors

Portland, OR band MORRISON GRAVES share the first single from their forthcoming debut album, Division Rising. via Heaviest of Art. Hear/Share ‘Crane Song’ MORRISON GRAVES is a psychedelic rock project from Oregon, USA. Their moody, fuzzed-out, sound draws influences from late ’60s fuzz and garage, surf, psychedelia, and indie rock. But they infuse these atavistic leanings with heavy saturated guitars and metalgaze drone reminiscent of Black Angels and Dead Meadow. Meanwhile, vocalist Ryan Brown croons over the proceedings like a young Jim Morrison or early Mark Lanegan’s tuneful wail in Screaming Trees. The group features multi-instrumentalist and founder Gary Jimmerson […]

UK heavy blues trio MORASS OF MOLASSES shares high-octane new single ‘Hellfayre’; new album out March 24th on Ripple Music

Reading, UK’s own stoner blues masters MORASS OF MOLASSES unleash a fuel-driven new single taken from their new album End All We Know, due out on March 24th through Ripple Music. Let yourself be consumed by their frantic ‘Hellfayre’! About the song, frontman Bones Huse says: “Set in the post-Brexit, pandemic-induced malaise, it reflects the deep division caused by those events. “‘Hellfayre’ brings a darkly apocalyptic view, which seeps into the lyrics and speaks of a bleak future ahead.” Listen to new single ‘Hellfayre’ Also watch their latest video, ‘Naysayer’ MORASS OF MOLASSES are set to release their third album […]

Crust punk, black metal and grindcore collide on Gorgonchrist’s delirious debut, Fish In A Mountain

The jester stands amidst the flames, surveying the death throes of the world. His motley garb is scorched and smoking, torn and dishevelled, while his cockscomb hat has long since lost its bells. Kings crawl through the ashes at his feet, crowns slipping from their heads as they weep for their approaching end. Yet the jester sheds no tears for all that has been lost, or all those that are still to die. He neither rails at the futility of existence and the unfairness of fate, nor searches the sky for deeper meanings to it all. He does not revel […]