Texas heavy and doom metal juggernauts THUNDER HORSE release their new live album, Dead Alive In Texas, on vinyl, CD and digital through Ripple Music.

Known for their electrifying performances, THUNDER HORSE is set to reignite a cherished tradition with the release of their latest album, Dead Alive In Texas. Evoking the spirit of rock’s golden era, THUNDER HORSE channels the energy and raw power of live performances into a captivating 9-track record.

In homage to the revered practices of the 1970s, where legendary bands would unleash three studio albums before delivering a monumental live experience, THUNDER HORSE follows suit with Dead Alive in Texas. Recorded live in Cibolo, TX, the album captures the essence of THUNDER HORSE’s exhilarating live shows, bringing fans closer to the heart of the music than ever before.

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Dead Alive In Texas offers a visceral, in-your-face experience that harkens back to the glory days of rock ‘n’ roll. “Thunder Horse is proud to keep the flame of live rock music burning bright,” says lead guitarist Todd “The Bird” Connally. “With Dead Alive In Texas, we invite our listeners to join us on a journey back to the roots of rock, where every riff and every beat pulses with the raw energy of the stage.”

Turn up the volume on THUNDER HORSE’s latest triumph Dead Alive In Texas — a testament to the enduring power of live music and the unyielding spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

THUNDER HORSE – Dead Alive In Texas
Available now on Ripple Music (LP/CD/digital)

Dead Alive In Texas Tracklist:

  1. Let Them Bleed
  2. New Normal
  3. Rememberance Demon
  4. Demons Speak
  5. Song For The Ferryman
  6. Monolith
  7. Liber Ad Christ Milites Temple
  8. Chosen One
  9. Ace Of Spades

In the blistering crucible of San Antonio, Texas, THUNDER HORSE was forged in 2018 by the founding duo, Stephen Bishop (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Todd “The Bird” Connally (lead guitar). The addition of Dave Crow’s seismic bass lines and Johnny Lightning’s thunderous drumming further solidified the foursome’s sonic foundation, creating an unstoppable force within the genre. From their inception, the band aimed to channel the spirit of classic doom metal while injecting their sonic signatures into the genre.

Their self-titled debut album, Thunder Horse, served as an inaugural testament to the band’s prowess. Ripple Music, recognizing the seismic potential within the quartet, welcomed them into their fold, amplifying their presence in the doom metal realm.

Building upon the success of their debut, THUNDER HORSE returned to the studio to craft their sophomore effort. In 2021, they unveiled Chosen One, an album that showcased the band’s evolution and cemented their standing as a force within the doom metal scene. With soulful vocals, crushing riffs, and haunting melodies, their sonic journey reached new heights, resonating with fans and critics alike.

As the band continued to traverse the realms of doom, 2023 marked a pinnacle moment in THUNDER HORSE’s history. Their third album, After The Fall, unleashed a torrent of doom-laden mastery, debuting at an emphatic #1 on the July 2023 Doom Charts. Not only this achievement affirmed their ascendancy in the genre while underscoring their commitment to crafting monumental, genre-defining music. The Orange Amplifiers endorsement added a layer of sonic weight to the band’s arsenal, ensuring that their live performances were as electrifying as their recorded material.

With their roots deeply embedded in the Texan soil and their eyes fixed on the future, THUNDER HORSE beckons listeners to embark on a sonic pilgrimage through the vast landscapes of doom metal and beyond. From their self-titled inception to the prophetic Chosen One and the triumphant After The Fall, THUNDER HORSE stands as a beacon, inviting all who dare to revel in the darkened beauty of their musical odyssey.

Stephen Bishop — guitar & vocals
T.C. Connally — lead guitar
Dave Crow — bass
Johnny Lightning — drums

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