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Album Review: Satanic Warmaster – Aamongandr

Since 2005 (and a few albums deep into its recorded history already), Finland’s SATANIC WARMASTER has been bathed in the blood of the sole and ridiculously prolific Werwolf, for better or worse. Guest musicians involved or not, SW’s failures and triumphs rest and resound in one man. With a discography as varied and plentiful as this, it’s unwise to assume everything measures up to the quality of the best or should be down to the level of the triteness of the worst. Aamongandr is SATANIC WARMASTER’s first full-length in 8 years, though, so one hopes Werwolf and the chosen session […]

DREAMS OF GRAY Release The World After EP

Chicago-based, one-man melodic death/doom band DREAMS OF GRAY has released its debut EP, The World After. Featuring three epic tracks, the EP seamlessly blends elements of melodic thrash, death, doom, and traditional heavy metal. Download The World After at Bandcamp The EP is also streaming on Spotify The World After Track List: Performance V Justice Life In Gray The World After DREAMS OF GRAY is Luis Rivera (Vocals/Guitars). The band was formed almost by accident, as Rivera was piecing together ideas while unable to actively perform and record music. When Rivera was ready to record in 2022, he enlisted the […]

Album Review – Mycelium – Mycoticism: Disseminating The Propagules

Scotland’s NECRONOCLAST cranked out some pretty interesting black metal in the mid-late ‘00s and it seemed as if with its final album, Ashes, and a split with the mighty DODSFERD, sole member Greg Edwards might be ready to take the next step forward. There was always something a little quirky and uncommon about the lyrical content of NECRONOCLAST, but no one saw MYCELIUM coming ten years later, I’d wager. Elements of let’s call it “fungal horror” are found in death metal’s beginnings, but have recently taken hold as roots, strangling and choking. That’s a little of what’s happening within Mycoticism: […]

U.S. Heavy Metal Trio MORTALUS Releasing ‘We Are Human’ on February 24

Little Rock (AR) – Heavy Metal trio MORTALUS will release sophomore album We Are Human on February 24. The official video for the album’s first single, ‘Intended Victims’ is available HERE MORTALUS is equal parts classic and modern, heavy and melodic, power and finesse, focused and loose. We Are Human is a showcase of all parts. It has been a whirlwind since the last album was released. Impactful events such as a global pandemic, political and worldwide turmoil, addiction, inequality and prejudice, losing family members, decayed friendships, and re-evaluation of one’s own perspective all went into the making of We […]

Album Review: Rudra – Eight Mahavidyas

Why is this Singapore band not signed to a major metal label? It’s not only a mystery, it’s tantamount to a crime, because these masters of Vedic Metal, who have been active since 1992, have got to be one of the best extreme metal bands from Asia. Their new album, Eight Mahavidyas, sees them continuing to evolve even as they remain true to the basics of their craft. RUDRA has always been deeply entwined with Hindu myths and philosophy. On this album, they examine eight female characters from the past who have fought against evil and ignorance. A lyrical subject […]

WITCHROT Announce New Album, Live In The Hammer

Sizzling, soulful and bewitching, WITCHROT is gearing up for their latest offering, Live In The Hammer, due out for its international release March 10, 2023. All sleaze and psych, Live In The Hammer has the fuzz fueled quartet playing in the grease trap of Ontario. Smoky vocals overtop mesmeric psychedelic doom fill the room to the brim. Pre-orders for Live In The Hammer are available HERE Stream ‘Burn Me Down’ Formed in Toronto in 2018, WITCHROT was founded by Lea Reto (vocals) & Peter Turik (Guitar). After some international press over band disputes, betrayals, and a temporary break up, the […]

Album Review: Kampfar – Til Klovers Takt

Nearly three decades (man, I’m feeling my age at typing this) and 9 albums into life as KAMPFAR, the Norwegian black metal lifers have spent their career eschewing the satanic, the demonic, the “low hanging fruit” of a good many of their contemporaries, opting instead of tales of myth, folklore, true history, and how such can relate to society today. What were “myths” anyway, but a way for olden man to wrap his head around something in Nature – human included – that he couldn’t comprehend. From the first mythmaker, the first storyteller on, man has been seeking that wisdom, […]

ICE AGE: New York City Progressive Rock/Metal Quartet To Release First Album In Twenty-Two Years, Waves Of Loss And Power, Through Sensory Records In March

Sensory Records proudly presents Waves Of Loss And Power, the first album in over two decades from New York City-based progressive rock/metal quartet ICE AGE, confirming the new album for release in March and issuing its cover art, track listing, a video teaser, and more. Originally formed on Long Island, New York, ICE AGE began as an instrumental outfit under the moniker Monolith in 1991 when college friends Josh Pincus (lead vocals, keyboards) and Jimmy Pappas (guitars) clicked over a mutual passion for classic and progressive rock with a penchant for heavier music undercurrents. With the additions of drummer/percussionist Hal […]

Album Review: Malleus – The Fires Of Heaven

Here’s a record to stoke the flames of a traditional metalhead’s furnace! Pretty sure there’s more than one band called MALLEUS out there, but these guys hail from Boston, an old school town that seems fitting for old-school metal such as this. It is fairly easy to conjure up the names of old titans like HELLHAMMER, VENOM and BATHORY…much harder to sound like you actually come from the era when those giants were in their heyday. That is what MALLEUS has done here…first wave black metal worship of the highest order! After the classical intro ‘The Tempest’, they rip right […]

ULTHAR: Blackened Death Metal Trio To Release Two New Full-Lengths On February 17th Via 20 Buck Spin; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

Over the course of their first two albums, Cosmovore and Providence, ULTHAR carved out a unique niche on the spectrum of underground metal, forging a grotesquely elegant hybrid of technical death metal alchemy and black metal’s stinging blizzard winds, all with the acerbic color of the absurdist’s brush. Nearly three years on from Providence, a burst of deadly creativity has resulted in TWO new albums, to be released simultaneously on February 17th via 20 Buck Spin. Anthronomicon embodies the continued progression of ULTHAR’s mastery over its art – always evolving, refining, and pushing forward. From the opening blasts and twisting […]