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TRELLDOM ink contract with Prophecy Productions

Norwegian cult black metal act TRELLDOM have inked their signatures under a multi-album contract with Prophecy Productions. TRELLDOM will release their fourth full-length and long-awaited successor to Til minne… (2007) via the label this year. TRELLDOM comment: “It is important to find the right collaboration partners as well as someone who respects and partly understands what we want to convey at all times, which Martin and the people in his company do – art must always come first!”, guitarist Stian Kårstad emphatically stresses. “Therefore as TRELLDOM we are very much looking forward to continuing our journey with Prophecy Productions.” Prophecy […]

Halcyon Way – Night Crawling [EP]

ProgPower USA hometown boys HALCYON WAY return with… Okay, I understand no one wants to hear another version of ‘Smoke On The Water’, but a MILEY CYRUS cover? ‘Night Crawling’ reeks of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY’s techno dreck, tossing in a bit of ‘White Wedding’ for extra tee hee hees. ‘Insufferable’ lives up to its name, everything from jumpdafucup moments to MOTLEY CRÜE’s Generation Swine to DRAGONFORCE-Lite (if you can believe that) gets a run-through. It’s only with ‘Stand For Something’ that the HALCYON WAY we know and appreciate allows us a glimmer of hope for upcoming material. Even for an […]

PENTAGRAM sign to Heavy Psych Sounds Records

Heavy Psych Sounds welcome US pioneers of doom metal PENTAGRAM to their roster for the release of their long-anticipated new studio album, as well as the reissue of their Sub-Basement and Review Your Choices albums. About signing to Heavy Psych Sounds, PENTAGRAM frontman Bobby Liebling says:“PENTAGRAM was conceived 53 years ago! We’ve seen many ups and downs and if the decades have given us anything, its wisdom. We know our new studio album is the best one we’ve ever written. We also realize that we need the perfect partner who not only understands the music but also knows the importance […]

Album Review: Belushi Speed Ball – Stellkira

It was my sometimes drinking buddy Johnny Vomit who first made me aware of these guys. Goofy ass crossover thrashers from Louisville, KY armed with a wild stage show, numbskull lyrics and…best of all…sizzling thrash riffs to turn your spine to jelly! Having never seen them live, I can’t speak to that part of their repertoire, but when I saw song titles like ‘Garth, Let My Family Go’, ‘My Favorite Color Is Pizza’ and ‘Tater Tot Eyes’, I got some uneasy flashbacks to the metalcore of the early 2000s, which wrote the book on idiotic “ironic” song titles. Well, BELUSHI […]

Mamaleek Share ‘Ancient Souls, No Longer Sorrowful’

Loss has informed MAMALEEK’s newest full-length album, Vida Blue. Tragedy struck in March of 2023 when the band lost a longtime friend and member, keyboardist Eric Livingston, leaving the group, which began as a duo of two brothers and later expanded to a five-piece, with only four members. Despite this profound loss, MAMALEEK persevered, performing as a quartet at various festivals, including a ground-shaking performance at the 2023 edition of Roadburn. Following, MAMALEEK returned to the studio to create new material that appropriately reflects their journey through loss and honors their fallen comrade. The resulting album draws inspiration from the […]

Di’Aul – EP II [EP]

‘Azazel’ is wrapped in the fuzz for which DI’AUL has been known, the band moving at a plod, yet managing to keep from walking so slowly as to fall on its face. The “solo” is less an actual solo than a few notes wrung out from the consistent rhythm-based riffs. Tasteful, minimalist, and fitting the song. Continuing the measured gait, ‘Golgotha’ hefts itself forward only by sheer force of will, but we find DI’AUL becoming more adept at using the open spaces that seemed to be filled with nothing in its early output. With as many EPs as full lengths […]

WORSHIPPER drop new single ‘Heroic Dose’

WORSHIPPER drop a psychedelic lyric video featuring the super heavy track ‘Heroic Dose’ as the next single taken from the Boston psychedelic hard rockers’ forthcoming third album, One Way Trip, which is scheduled for release on July 19, 2024. Watch the video for ‘Heroic Dose’ WORSHIPPER comment on ‘Heroic Dose’: “This is the final song that we wrote for the record, and probably the most personal for me”, guitarist and singer John Brookhouse reveals. “I lost my dad in 2022, and one of the last conversations that we had was about his time in Vietnam. As I was writing the […]

Album Review: Blaze Of Perdition – Upharsin

BLAZE OF PERDITION has made a name for itself in a country known for a blistering, early SLAYER-ized take on both black and death metal by adding a fluidity and sense of peaks and valleys that has thus far set it apart from the more known exports of Poland. On its second for Metal Blade, the band has taken the bold step of releasing Upharsin in their native tongue, a first for them when it comes to full lengths. At once, ‘W kwiecie rozlamu’ seems more outwardly abrasive, but soon enough moves into a mid-paced (don’t call it a) groove […]

ANANDA MIDA: Live At Duna Jam album announced on HPS Records

Heavy ’70s blues collective ANANDA MIDA (with vocalist Conny Ochs) announce the release of the Live At Duna Jam album this July 12th on Heavy Psych Sounds, and premiere the video for ‘The Future’ exclusively on It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine. Watch ANANDA MIDA perform ‘The Future’ ANANDA MIDA is a stoner and psychedelic rock music collective led by Max Ear (OJM’s drummer and Go Down Records’ Art Director) and Matteo Pablo Scolaro. From the very beginning of the project, graphic imagery has been given a crucial role thanks to the precious collaboration with the visual artist Eeviac. Since 2015, they […]

Album Review: Black Totem – III: Sacrifice Tonite

Well, BLACK TOTEM has reached it; that time in a band’s career when I would normally be giving my trademark, copyrighted, and infallible spiel about how important a band’s third album is. But I won’t, as these Finns are all about keeping things short, simple, and to the point. Might as well join the party at the cemetery… ‘Hex Hood’ sneaks in under the fog, but only briefly, as the cryptkicker drums and fiery riffs ignite torches around the perimeter, and you know you’re in trouble. As guitarist/vocalist Spit Poison so aptly, well, spits “This is Hex Hood, ain’t no […]