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Doom metallers COSMIC REAPER share new track off Doom Sessions Vol. 7 split EP with ENDTIME; out January 20h on Heavy Psych Sounds

North Carolina’s stoner doom merchants COSMIC REAPER premiere their new song ‘Sundowner’, taken from the Doom Sessions Vol.7 split EP with ENDTIME to be issued through Heavy Psych Sounds. Says COSMIC REAPER: “The song is about someone with a debilitating brain disease succumbing to paranoid hallucinations in the dark. We’re capable of creating a lot more horrors in our minds than we ever could in reality. With ‘Sundowner’, we went for something groovy, but foreboding, with an ending that descends into madness. But, more importantly, we hope this track makes you bang your head!” Listen to COSMIC REAPER’s new track […]

Album Review: In The Woods… – Diversum

After a huge shakeup in membership shortly after 1999’s Strange In Stereo, IN THE WOODS… became, for all intents and purposes, sole original member Anders Kobro’s project. Resurfacing with a revamped lineup for 2016’s Pure and Cease The Day of two years after, we now behold Diversum, featuring (surprise, surprise!) a new bassist and vocalist. Lineup shifts aside, IN THE WOODS… has always marched to the beat of its own drum, and its early work – if we’re being honest – to varying degrees was influential in such revered bands as ENSLAVED and OPETH’s transformation into their current sound(s). Subtle […]

ARTHUR BROWN announces December 2022 European shows

ARTHUR BROWN is announcing three shows each in Germany and Italy to take place this December. The much admired and iconic British singer will be performing in support of his current album, the critically acclaimed Long Long Road, which was released on his 80th birthday on June 24, this year. Arthur Brown writes: “I am thrilled to finally be able to start presenting Long Long Road live on tour, starting with Germany and Italy”, the self-proclaimed “God of Hellfire” enthuses. “There will be more shows coming, so watch this space. Of course, I will also bring those classics in my […]

Album Review: Stormruler – Sacred Rites & Black Magick

These guys are from ST. LOUIS?! After listening to the utter blackened majesty of STORMRULER, I would have picked Sweden or Finland as their stomping grounds. Or even more likely, the realm of Gondor, or perhaps the frozen North of Tad Williams’ fantasy tales of Osten Ard. At any rate, these two warriors have conjured up a feast of gloriously over the top melodic black metal that embraces the epic. Yes, this is maximalism, not minimalism. And it works. The two major touchstones of STORMRULER’s sound would have to be DISSECTION and IMMORTAL. They draw upon the former’s freezing cold […]

FAUSTIAN: Lambgoat Premieres Debut Video ‘Birth Of Apparitions’ From Louisiana Death Metal Marauders (ft. members of Barghest, etc.)

Louisiana death metal trio FAUSTIAN — featuring members of Barghest, Kavyk, and others — has premiered its debut music video, ‘Birth Of Apparitions’ via Lambgoat. The band’s self-titled debut EP is out now via Black Lion Records. WATCH THE ‘BIRTH OF APPARITIONS’ “Our goal was to make the video as gritty as the song and subject matter,” says guitarist/vocalist Dallas Smith. “With help from the filmmaker, we were able to incorporate creative visuals that tell the story behind the track. The final product is just as bleak as we hoped it would be.” Directed by Dusty Cooper (Troy Bennett’s Graveyard […]

Album Review: Interesting Times Gang – The Spirit Of Science Fiction

As much a fan as I am of noise behemoths KOWLOON WALLED CITY, I’ll admit I’ve never felt the need to investigate bassist Ian Miller’s electronic project INTERESTING TIMES GANG, largely due to lacking a background or experience with the genre. Album number 6 (!?) though, and it warrants at least a cursory glance. Unexpectedly, a lo-hi trip-country ala a sparser ALABAMA 3 leads off The Spirit Of Science Fiction with ‘Lago Agrio’. You can already sense Miller’s enjoying himself, playing with sound and technology just to see what comes out. The rainbow FUNKADELIC carpet is rolled out for ‘If […]


WATCH / ORDER POST / SHARE “With gargantuan riffs and amps turned up to 11, pure metal is tempered with the grace and complexity that have become the band’s trademark…an unapologetically fierce beast” – The Guardian Boston legends CAVE IN share the Days Of Nothing documentary shot on October 19th in Paris, FR. The documentary captures CAVE IN’s long awaited return to the city. The film features exclusive backstage footage, and follows the band as they unpack personal memories, discuss the new album, and much more. Watch the full documentary, filmed by Clara Griot, on Relapse’s YouTube channel CAVE IN’s […]

Album Review: ZËLOT – Supplices [EP]

Part of black metal’s draw is its ambiguity when it comes to the artists who produce it. Pseudonyms are modified and sometimes outright changed depending on the project, other members, musical style and aesthetic. What is the message being put across? Is it hails, horns and laying “down your soul to the gods rock and roll”? Is it esoteric explorations of the Lesser Key Of Solomon? This determines your entity, dress, and the true aesthetic of what the band/project is. I have an idea this is what’s been done with France’s ZËLOT, but as it’s all about the art, let’s […]

Atmospheric Black Metal Duo IMPERIUM DEKADENZ Announce New Album, Into Sorrow Evermore

Lords of black metal, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ, raise darkness from the depths of southwestern Germany’s Black Forest once more and proudly announce their new album, Into Sorrow Evermore, to be unleashed on January 20, 2023, via Napalm Records. Immersed in the void, they approach themes of depression, death and desperation, luring the listener into their sorrowful reality of existence. True to the beginnings of the genre, IMPERIUM DEKADENZ stick to their roots and leave their own haunting mark on the genre, claiming their rightful place in the upper echelons of black metal. The first single ‘Memories…A Raging River’ is released along […]

Album Review: Darkthrone – Astral Fortress

Anyone who’s read my drivel for any length of time knows the importance I place on a band’s third album. Well, DARKTHRONE is at its 20th, so if they haven’t figured out what they are by now, there’s no point in bothering. And I suppose that’s why it pained me so much that 2021’s Eternal Hails……, the band’s self-proclaimed love letter to doom and prog, was such a disappointment. Now, off to strap on our skates and travel to the Astral Fortress. ‘Caravan Of Broken Ghosts’ begins interestingly enough, building in a way that brings anticipation. Never straying too far […]