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For the past five-odd (emphasis on odd) years, Germany’s BONGBONGBEERWIZARDS have been making use of ancient sonic alchemical techniques to conjure riffs moving at the speed of slow, drone hymns and cautionary tales. Lord Randall takes the magic carpet ride to the Ampire… STRAIGHT OUTTA DORTMUNDInterview with Bong Travolta in the human form of Jan S. [Guitars/Synth/Saxophone]Interview by Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: When the band first began, did you already have a solid idea of what you wanted the sound to be, or would you say it’s naturally developed over time? Bong Travolta: After changing the lineup back in 2019, […]

ASTRAL FORTRESS – The New Studio Album From The Legendary DARKTHRONE Due For Release On Peaceville Records On October 28th, 2022

Watch the Astral Fortress trailer with an introduction from Fenriz. From their formation back in 1986, to becoming one of Norway’s finest and enigmatic musical exports (with a number of highly revered black metal masterpieces released in the early ’90s helping to solidify their legacy), DARKTHRONE has continued to evolve and challenge in equal measure, throughout their illustrious recording career spanning over three decades. And now, the ever-productive duo of Nocturno and Fenriz continue their own metallic saga with a new selection of fine, vintage sounding headbanging classics in the making .. Astral Fortress This new studio opus, due for […]

Album Review: MADROST – Lost Lives Volume 1

Ah, the live metal album. To be honest, in my Top 20 Live Albums of all time aside from MANOWAR’s Hell On Wheels – Live and Live After Death by IRON MAIDEN there’s probably not a single one that could qualify as balls-out Metal ™. That’s largely because the metal show is so visceral, so in-the-moment that if you weren’t sweating it out in the venue – be it arena or basement show – no amount of audio trickery, snappy between-song banter or killer set list is going to make you feel like you were. Oh, there are exceptions. OZZY […]


US Black Metal Titans WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM have released a live video of ‘I Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Roots’ from Fire In The Mountains Festival in Jackson, Wyoming. Watch the full video on the band’s YouTube channel at THIS LOCATION The majestic Teton mountain range looms in the background and fires burn as the band rips through this classic track from their breakthrough 2007 album Two Hunters. WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM will be blazing across Europe in November and October of 2022 with US Death Metal pioneers Incantation and Stygian Bough (a […]

Album Review: Gematria – Gematria II: The Spindle Of Necessity

“Gematria” is not just another made up word used as the name of a metal band, but an ancient system of Jewish numerology that reduces words to numbers which reveal inner meaning. OK, that’s out of the way, how about the band of the same name? It’s a two-man combo that actually uses the process of gematria to put together their music, which can best be described as progressive instrumentals with elements of metal, jazz and electronica. Whatever magic or method they use, it works! Gematria II: The Spindle Of Necessity is a delightfully energetic romp of coherent instrumental music […]

CASKET ROBBERY Announce US Tour & Release Date for New Album Rituals Of Death

Madison (WI) – Midwest Death Machine CASKET ROBBERY will unleash their highly-anticipated second full-length album, Rituals Of Death, on November 11 via Blood Blast Distribution. The album’s first single, ‘Worm Food’, will hit streaming platforms on September 22. Pre-save the song on Spotify NOW CASKET ROBBERY will hit the road next month with theatrical metal band SUMMONER’S CIRCLE for the Blood & Blasphemy US Tour. The tour kicks off October 8 at the Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest. North Carolina’s WoR will appear on select tour dates. Emerging from the darkest and most desolate areas of the Midwest, CASKET ROBBERY […]

Album Review: ABHOR – Sex Sex Sex (Ceremonia Daemonis Antichristi)

Now eight albums deep into a 25+ year history, Italy’s ABHOR renew their commitment to the dark arts with the evocatively titled Sex Sex Sex (Ceremonia Daemonis Antichristi). With the core membership of Domine Saevum Graven and Ulfhedhnir (on guitar and vocals respectively) intact since 1995, one would be forgiven for assuming you know what you’re walking into with ABHOR. With the cover continuing the red/crimson theme of 2015’s Ritualia Stramonium and Occulta Religio of three years later, thoughts (among other things) arise of COVEN’s oft’ imitated Jinx Dawson, but this being ABHOR, there’s a snide swipe at the liturgies […]

DISILLUSION reveal new video single ‘Tormento’

In celebration of kicking off their tour with Obscura and Persefone in the German city of Cologne, DISILLISION unveil a stylish video clip for the track ‘Tormento’ as the second single taken from the forthcoming new album Ayam, which has been slated for release on November 4. Album details and all currently confirmed live dates can be viewed below. The video ‘Tormento’ is now available for viewing at THIS LOCATION Pre-Order Ayam HERE DISILLUSION comment: “We are thrilled about ‘Tormento’ being released…”, singer and guitarist Andy Schmidt declares. “This video clip features the second song taken from our upcoming album […]

Album Review: Manic Abraxas – Foreign Winds

Okay, so you’re a three-piece band from Stephen King Country, and you’ve already shot your shot by naming your outfit MANIC ABRAXAS. Add the weight that your last album was called Speed Golem and where the fuck do you go from there?! Well, it’d help if you started Foreign Winds out with something equally snazzily titled, ‘Red Camo Rock’, let’s say. Bonus points if you throw a few COFFINS grooves and Thomas G. Warrior-patented “Unnnh!”s in also. There’s a tad of the early ’00s DARKTHRONE here, thinking The Cult Is Alive, when Fenriz got to stroke his punk hard-on to […]

MERCYFUL FATE Announces First North American Headlining Tour In Over Two Decades; Tickets On Sale Friday, September 9th

Heavy metal icons MERCYFUL FATE today announce their first North American headlining tour in over two decades! The journey will commence on October 25th in Dallas, Texas and weave its way through fourteen cities, closing on November 16th in Atlanta, Georgia. The tour follows the band’s stunning headlining performance at this year’s edition of Psycho Las Vegas. Vocalist King Diamond comments, “These will be the first MERCYFUL FATE concerts in North American theaters in over twenty years. Memories of a lifetime. Your special chance to see MERCYFUL FATE with the full European festival production, but up close and personal. You […]