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THUNDER HORSE: Dead Alive In Texas out now

Texas heavy and doom metal juggernauts THUNDER HORSE release their new live album, Dead Alive In Texas, on vinyl, CD and digital through Ripple Music. Known for their electrifying performances, THUNDER HORSE is set to reignite a cherished tradition with the release of their latest album, Dead Alive In Texas. Evoking the spirit of rock’s golden era, THUNDER HORSE channels the energy and raw power of live performances into a captivating 9-track record. In homage to the revered practices of the 1970s, where legendary bands would unleash three studio albums before delivering a monumental live experience, THUNDER HORSE follows suit […]

RITUAL KING stream new album, The Infinite Mirror

Manchester heavy psychedelic blues trio RITUAL KING team up with It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine to present their sophomore album, The Infinite Mirror, in full, celebrating its November release on Ripple Music. “This intense-sounding journey is surprisingly meditative and elegant. (…) Exciting, immersive, and spellbinding songs that go beyond the confines of stoner rock.” – Distorted Sound Magazine“A heavy blues creation that straddles psychedelic rock magnificently. (…) Utterly enchanting.” – Headbanger Reviews From the enigmatic corridors of Manchester’s underground stoner rock scene emerges RITUAL KING’s latest magnum opus, The Infinite Mirror. A journey that transcends the traditional boundaries of stoner psych […]

TERROMANIA stream debut album, Nyctophobic, in full

Finland’s melodic death/groove metal unit TERROMANIA premiere their debut album, Nyctophobic, exclusively on Metalheads Forever, celebrating its official release this November on Ripple Music. Stream TERROMANIA’s debut album HERE Watch new videos ‘Disturbingly Beautiful’ ‘Demon In The Rain’ ‘The Pain Makes You Feel Alive’ This sonic bulldozer was formed in the summer of 2018 in Jyväskylä, Finland and recently signed to US label Ripple Music to deliver their ambitious and face-melting brand metal to the world. Naming Ghost, Devin Townsend or Lordi as major influences, this young and talented five-piece creates a sharp and modern combination of melodic death and […]

MOON COVEN: new single ‘Gilded Apple’ available

Malmö-based psychedelic doom and heavy rock foursome MOON COVEN present a new track taken from their fourth studio album, Sun King, due out August 25th on Ripple Music. Listen to new single ‘Gilded Apple’ Two years after unleashing their juggernaut third record and Ripple Music debut, Slumber Wood, upon the world, MOON COVEN are now ready to shift the Earth’s axis and mesmerize the masses once again with a fresh set of tunes in the sheerest tradition of modern heavy psychedelia: Sun King. Entirely recorded and produced by the band, their fourth studio album is a generous and compelling 9-track […]

DUSKWOOD: new single ‘Deathproof’ streaming

Somerset-based up-and-coming heavy and stoner rockers DUSKWOOD release a burning hot third track taken from their sophomore full-length, The Last Voyage, to be issued on May 12th via Ripple Music. Stream DUSKWOOD’s new single ‘Deathproof’ HERE DUSKWOOD don’t do things by halves when it comes to launching their fuel-driven anthems like rockets into outer space, and no prisoner is taken when their wall of razor-sharp riffs hits those amps on top of Liam Tinsley’s gritty and commanding vocals. Think the stadium-worthy power of Wolfmother colliding in the desert dust with Kyuss’ fat sunbaked grooves: fearless and relentless. Don’t wait any […]

DUSKWOOD: new album announced on Ripple Music

Somerset, UK’s heavy and stoner rock foursome DUSKWOOD signs to Ripple Music for the release of their sophomore full-length The Last Voyage, to be issued on May 12th worldwide. Listen to their striking new single ‘Gammon Lord’ and preorder the album now. About their new album The Last Voyage, DUSKWOOD declares: “We wanted to create something that would immerse you. Writing songs about our small-town lives, or the next new trend just doesn’t interest us anymore. Hopefully what we’ve created will allow you to kick back with a glass of liquor, close your eyes and get swept away to another […]

UK heavy blues trio MORASS OF MOLASSES shares high-octane new single ‘Hellfayre’; new album out March 24th on Ripple Music

Reading, UK’s own stoner blues masters MORASS OF MOLASSES unleash a fuel-driven new single taken from their new album End All We Know, due out on March 24th through Ripple Music. Let yourself be consumed by their frantic ‘Hellfayre’! About the song, frontman Bones Huse says: “Set in the post-Brexit, pandemic-induced malaise, it reflects the deep division caused by those events. “‘Hellfayre’ brings a darkly apocalyptic view, which seeps into the lyrics and speaks of a bleak future ahead.” Listen to new single ‘Hellfayre’ Also watch their latest video, ‘Naysayer’ MORASS OF MOLASSES are set to release their third album […]

Norwegian stonercore champions HÅNDGEMENG release catchy new single ‘Cro-Magnon vs Neanderthal’; debut album coming March 10th on Ripple Music

HÅNDGEMENG [håndgemeng: noun; rough-and-tumble, scuffle, free fight] Go headfirst in the glorious riff-heavy of Norwegian self-proclaimed “stonercore” foursome HÅNDGEMENG! A high-octane, unstoppable weapon of sonic destruction, their debut album Ultraritual intrepidly draws from the fuzz-laden wizardry of stoner rock, the melodic richness of classic rock, all topped off by the band’s hardcore roots. Listen to new banger ‘Cro-Magnon vs Neanderthal’ Somewhere in the tundra, the cosmic offspring of Kvelertak and Mantar was born and decided to crank it loud while getting tenfold trippier. With seven bangers propelled by Martin Wennberg’s galvanizing roars, HÅNDGEMENG takes you from the depths of hell […]

Album Review: The Necromancers – Where The Void Rose

Almost feels as if we’ve stumbled into some shady downtown bar mid-song, ‘Sunken Huntress’ wasting no time in reminding old friends and informing newcomers what THE NECROMANCERS is on about. There’s a bit of Magnus Pelander in new vocalist Basile Chevalier-Coundrain’s pipes, more complimentary than carbon copy, shades of the much-missed Michael Grant of CRESCENT SHIELD, and neither a bad thing. Musically, there’s a delightful blend of doom, SLOUGH FEG-styled rave-ups and even a sense of experimentation ala MASTODON’s post-Leviathan work on offer here. Certainly the most overtly Metal of the bunch, ‘The Needle’ marries early JUDAS PRIEST to a […]

East Coast heavy psych stalwarts FREEDOM HAWK share soothing new track ‘Seize The Day’ new album out September 23rd on Ripple Music.

Virginia Beach-based heavy psych torchbearers FREEDOM HAWK share a new excerpt taken from their sixth studio album Take All You Can to be released September 23rd on Ripple Music. Give in to the soothing vibe of ‘Seize The Day’ now! “One of the American Eastern Seaboard’s most vital presences in heavy rock. If you need rock and roll, trust well that FREEDOM HAWK will be on hand to deliver.” – The Obelisk Listen to new single ‘Seize The Day’ via The Obelisk HERE The US East Coast underground’s rock champions are back in top form with their sixth-full length this […]