Somerset-based up-and-coming heavy and stoner rockers DUSKWOOD release a burning hot third track taken from their sophomore full-length, The Last Voyage, to be issued on May 12th via Ripple Music.

Stream DUSKWOOD’s new single ‘Deathproof’ HERE

DUSKWOOD don’t do things by halves when it comes to launching their fuel-driven anthems like rockets into outer space, and no prisoner is taken when their wall of razor-sharp riffs hits those amps on top of Liam Tinsley’s gritty and commanding vocals. Think the stadium-worthy power of Wolfmother colliding in the desert dust with Kyuss’ fat sunbaked grooves: fearless and relentless. Don’t wait any longer to get won over by Duskwood’s mighty heavy rock’n’roll! The Last Voyage will be issued on vinyl, CD and digital on May 12th, with preorders available now from Ripple Music. Check out their latest singles ‘Gammon Lord’ and ‘She Calls’

DUSKWOOD – The Last Voyage
Out on May 12th through Ripple Music
US preorder
European preorder

DUSKWOOD is a heavy rock band hailing from Somerset, England. Having formed in 2016, the foursome draws from the likes of Kyuss, Wolfmother, Clutch, 1000Mods and Queens of The Stone Age to craft an intense and heavy sound full of rock and roll bombast. Having already brushed shoulders with artists such as Monolord, Witchcraft and Mothership, the band is rapidly accelerating toward their goal of getting their music into the ears of as many people as possible.

Having already released a pair of well-loved EPs, DUSKWOOD have now signed to respected heavy rock label Ripple Music for the release of their sophomore album. Entitled The Last Voyage, it will pose as the final piece in the epic saga of a time-traveling space cowboy the band started telling on their debut. Duskwood is a potent English heavy rock force, get ready for their hard riffing magic to take you away!

About their new album, The Last Voyage: “We wanted to create something that would immerse you. Writing songs about our small-town lives, or the next new trend just doesn’t interest us anymore. Hopefully what we’ve created will allow you to kick back with a glass of liquor, close your eyes and get swept away to another dimension!” The Last Voyage was recorded at The Ranch Production House in Southampton, UK by Neil Kennedy & Kurt Fagan. It will be issued in various vinyl editions, CD digipack and digital on May 12th, with preorder available now from Ripple Music.

Liam Tinsley – Vocals
Greg Watts – Guitar
Aaron Tinsley – Bass
Hugh Landon – Drums

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