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Album Review: Ginnungagap – Heliacal Arising

The yawning maw of Signal Rex opens wider, near-unhinging, and from this void springs forth Heliacal Arising, the first full, intentional movement of Portuguese cult GINNUNGAGAP. Four years it did take to form what now travels ‘neath the ‘Majestic Throne Of The Sky’, wrapped in a layered cloak of guitars and keys, organ-like in tone, and lending a vital air of the mystic to this excursion, a throat laid open and scraped raw and bleeding over gravel declares our path. Arising heliacal, the title track indeed shimmers distant, ever fettered to the Solar King, despite desire, for Nature is immovable […]

GOST To Release Prophecy Full-Length March 8th, 2024 Via Metal Blade Records; New Video Now Playing + North American Tour Supporting Katatonia Underway

Slasherwave outfit and recent Metal Blade Records signees GOST will release the thundering thirteen-track full-length, Prophecy, on March 8th, 2024, revealing the record’s first video/single and preorders. GOST exists in the dark crack between black metal and the most shadowy end of electronic music. Since the release of the Radio Macabre EP at the start of 2013, and the remorseless digital nightmare of their Skull debut album six months later, Texas-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and main-brain James Lollar has become an increasingly singular force in music. Far more aggressive and sinister than the synthwave he’s often grouped with, GOST is a […]

Album Review: At The Plates – Omnivore

I’ve never been much of one for gimmicks, and even less for theme-based bands, BONGZILLA and a few others notwithstanding. GWAR? Alright, but nothing I’m ever in a specific mood for. LORDI? Same. Even CANNABIS CORPSE, don’t really feel it, which is surprising, even to me. Enter AT THE PLATES. Yes, AT THE PLATES. ‘Nuff said, let’s dig into Omnivore, the band’s “second course” full-length. Sorry, I had to. And I’m not done yet. I’m guessing 2020’s Starch Enemy was founder/head chef Tony Rouse’s audition process, because he’s taken two of the guests from that album and now AT THE […]

RUIN LUST: New York City Death/War Metal Act Announces February East Coast Tour With Diabolic Oath

Having just released their apocalyptic fourth LP, Dissimulant, through 20 Buck Spin at the end of September, New York City-based death/war metal collective RUIN LUST has also just declared war on the entire Eastern Seaboard, announcing the Devouring Circle Of Annihilation East Coast Tour. This trek runs from February 1st through February 9th, and sees the band playing alongside Portland, Oregon’s Diabolic Oath on their first East Coast tour ever. See all confirmed RUIN LUST dates below and watch for additional dates to post over the months ahead. RUIN LUST Tour Dates:Devouring Circle Of Annihilation Tour w/ Diabolic Oath: 2/01/2024 […]

Album Review: Fuming Mouth – Last Day Of Sun

FUMING MOUTH from Massachusetts was one of the “buzz bands” that played Milwaukee Metalfest earlier this year, but I was unable to catch them. Boy, are these guys an awkward mish-mash of styles. When they are on point, they are extremely crushing, but when they experiment, the results are often clunky if not down right cringeable. Can you imagine a band that mixes Swedish death metal in the classic Stockholm style with choruses you’d find on radio rock nu-metal? You get it with FUMING MOUTH. Let us descend into their maelstrom. Last Day Of Sun is huge and rather bloated, […]

RITUAL KING stream new album, The Infinite Mirror

Manchester heavy psychedelic blues trio RITUAL KING team up with It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine to present their sophomore album, The Infinite Mirror, in full, celebrating its November release on Ripple Music. “This intense-sounding journey is surprisingly meditative and elegant. (…) Exciting, immersive, and spellbinding songs that go beyond the confines of stoner rock.” – Distorted Sound Magazine“A heavy blues creation that straddles psychedelic rock magnificently. (…) Utterly enchanting.” – Headbanger Reviews From the enigmatic corridors of Manchester’s underground stoner rock scene emerges RITUAL KING’s latest magnum opus, The Infinite Mirror. A journey that transcends the traditional boundaries of stoner psych […]

Album Review: Woe – Legacies Of Frailty

I felt a not a small trepidation when the PR info for WOE’s fifth mentioned “many layers of overdubs”, given founder/songwriter Chris Grigg’s propensity for scaled back and tightly wound blackness just this side of primitive, but when ‘Fresh Chaos Greets The Dawn’ rose slowly in the sable sky, only to be wound in multi-tracked guitars and rhythmic pulses, I wanted to be sold. I really, really wanted to be sold. There are moments when things sounding out of control and deranged is ideal, is not only welcomed, but vital. This just sounds slipshod and unbalanced, containing very little to […]

TERROMANIA stream debut album, Nyctophobic, in full

Finland’s melodic death/groove metal unit TERROMANIA premiere their debut album, Nyctophobic, exclusively on Metalheads Forever, celebrating its official release this November on Ripple Music. Stream TERROMANIA’s debut album HERE Watch new videos ‘Disturbingly Beautiful’ ‘Demon In The Rain’ ‘The Pain Makes You Feel Alive’ This sonic bulldozer was formed in the summer of 2018 in Jyväskylä, Finland and recently signed to US label Ripple Music to deliver their ambitious and face-melting brand metal to the world. Naming Ghost, Devin Townsend or Lordi as major influences, this young and talented five-piece creates a sharp and modern combination of melodic death and […]

DISILLUSION announce 2024 tour dates

DISILLUSION have announced a European tour, mostly in the German language area, for spring 2024. The German avant-garde metal pioneers will hit the roads to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of their debut album “Back to Times of Splendor”, which was released in April 2004. We recommend to secure tickets early. Please find all confirmed dates below. DISILLUSION comment: “Friends, we are beyond excited as our debut album, Back To Times Of Splendor, will turn 20 next year in 2024″, singer and guitarist Andy Schmidt enthuses. “To celebrate this wonderful occasion with you, we have set up a tour on […]

Album Review: Blazoner – Escape To Electric Land

My home state trio, BLAZONER arrive with their debut full length offering in the form of Escape To Electric Land but, to be honest, I’m a little concerned when any bio references the likes of BLACK SABBATH and adds “with a few electronic twists”. So, here goes. Well, no sense in not getting right down to the business of a fully electronic intro track that sounds as if it’d be more at home on an ‘80s Windham Hill Records sampler. I’m actually fine with this, however what I’m expecting is some absurd veering into heavier realms soon enough. I’m not […]