Extreme Crossover Metal Punks SMASH POTATER make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the new album Suburban Legends!

Hailing from Aurora Illinois, SMASH POTATER were spawned from the gutter back in 2010. Suburban Legends showcases 18 tracks of extreme Crossover, Metal and Punk, featuring Fastcore, Thrash, Grindcore and everything sprinkled in between. SMASH POTATER present the morbid tales of life in their festering abscess of a town located in the side of Chicago, complimented with a heavy dose of satire and flat out goofiness. For fans of Frightmare, Splatterhouse, Spazz, Birdflesh and Spazztic Blurr

Don’t miss Smash Potater performing live at Full Terror Assault Open Air 2019 this September.

Stream album track ‘GMO’ HERE


  1. Diners, Drive-Ins & Drive-Bys
  2. Massive Chilling Capacity
  3. The Scene Is Dead
  4. Toxic Masculinity Holocaust (ft. Azalee Panama Cano)
  5. 2stepdad (ft. Eddie Leeway Sutton)
  6. Flat Earth Crisis
  7. GMO
  8. Inglés Sin Barreras (ft. Ruben Garza)
  9. Los Angeles Azules Del Infierno
  10. Tragic School Bus
  11. Nothing Else Splatters
  12. Hook-up Culture Club
  13. Too Old To Mosh, Too Young To Die (ft. Professor Pizza)
  14. Mom, I Swear It’s Not A Phase
  15. Confection Infection
  16. Keeper Of The Seven Cheese: Chapter 1 – Pizza Eagle (ft. Brett Scott)
  17. Your Last Fuckin’ Chance (ft. Chris Guajardo)
  18. Gravii

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