Britain’s WARMRAIN moves in like its namesake, the title track (yes, it’s the EURYTHMICS cover) showering down, tasteful leads and downtempo taking the place of the original version’s synth-laden throb. It takes confidence to title a release after a cover, much less to transform someone else’s work with what seems like effortlessness to make it your own…and WARMRAIN does here. ‘Shadowline Paradigm’ follows, plaintive, yet seductively so, wandering in the realms of GREEN CARNATION’s The Acoustic Verses or early BLACKFIELD, while ‘Keep Going’ is driven along by understated, yet persistent rhythm patterns.

The one fault that I can find within this EP, as a matter of fact, is how low the guitars are in the mix, but – this being my first exposure to WARMRAIN – I can’t say whether or not this decision was an experiment for this release alone. When the guitars are heard, the playing is exquisite, and only a notch or two higher in the mix would have been appreciated.

Practically an ambient piece for the first third of the song, ‘Clock Watching’ is, in fact, a work divided into three sections, and brings to mind Wind & Wuthering-era GENESIS to great effect.

At the end of it all, WARMRAIN is clearly onto something here, and I’m looking to hear both more of what came before and where they’re going next.
Review By: Lord Randall

Here Comes The Rain Again
Rain Recordings
4.5 / 6