I’ll give advance notice, I am wary of labels like “core” and “shoegaze”. I see those words in a bands description and suddenly I get the image of pathetic fringe-cringe wimps crying in their My Chemical Romance shirts trying to pump their emotions into the pedals like it will somehow override the fact that they suck. But I was giving TRNA a chance, and sweet feck, I am glad I did!

With that out of the way, where do I begin. Well…the first track sucked me in harder than the mosquitos have this year. I was torn into another realm, if I wanted to or not was irrelevant, my soul was seized and I was compelled towards a tunnel towards, that most serene of places. That’s right. Agartha. So, bear with me, TRNA…is what would happen if Niege from ALCEST walked into a cave, discovered the hollow earthen paradise, came back as three Russian lads ascended with esoteric and ancient knowledge which poured forth from them in waves of ethereal swirls, so they then transcribed that forbidden knowledge they had gained into musical form. And this, is where we now have Istok.

Istok is something one plays while in bed, or getting lost in the woods looking for that hidden entrance, or even on the bus to drown out those whiny kids sitting at the back acting like they are hard. Let yourself get transported far away from it all. Istok is consistent, it is flowing, and it surprises. Like a story they have to tell, so listen and listen well.

‘Rebirth’ is the track that really did it for me. Like that moment when you are drifting off to sleep and that soothing feeling hits you. The guitars kick in, and off you go, soaring down corridors where no man thought to tread.

On the whole I recommend this album. If, like me, you have an extreme aversion to bands of this type, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in giving TRNA a chance.
Review By: Druwedd

Candlelight Records
3 / 6