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Album Review: TRNA – Istok

I’ll give advance notice, I am wary of labels like “core” and “shoegaze”. I see those words in a bands description and suddenly I get the image of pathetic fringe-cringe wimps crying in their My Chemical Romance shirts trying to pump their emotions into the pedals like it will somehow override the fact that they suck. But I was giving TRNA a chance, and sweet feck, I am glad I did! With that out of the way, where do I begin. Well…the first track sucked me in harder than the mosquitos have this year. I was torn into another realm, […]

Album Review: Pharaoh – The Powers That Be

“Bring me their heads! Set loose the war dogs! Blood will flow by the powers that be. . .”We’re not even two minutes into the title track of The Powers That Be, and already we are beckoned forth with an epic battle cry. If you can’t feel the call, I suggest you crank up your volume. If that weren’t enough to stir you, very well, go live in your mediocrity. Heads will remain on shoulders; the dogs will mope around in their kennels, and the only thing flowing will be your inner barbarian’s tears as you sit back down to […]

Album Review: In The Company Of Serpents – Lux

First off, I did not see Lux coming. Secondly, why have all the clocks stopped? That’s right folks, its time to tune low and play slow. Opener and likewise gravitational suckerpunch, ‘The Fool’s Journey’ brings to mind images of Thulsa Doom jamming to this in his cave. Brethren, don those robes and nod in silent contemplation as the riff vibrates through you, and prepare for the sludge journey. Here, no lives matter. What you want is of absolute irrelevance. Succumb! ‘The Chasm At The Mouth Of It All’ reminds us that the Wild West wasn’t all cowboys and “injuns.” It […]