First off, I did not see Lux coming. Secondly, why have all the clocks stopped? That’s right folks, its time to tune low and play slow. Opener and likewise gravitational suckerpunch, ‘The Fool’s Journey’ brings to mind images of Thulsa Doom jamming to this in his cave. Brethren, don those robes and nod in silent contemplation as the riff vibrates through you, and prepare for the sludge journey. Here, no lives matter. What you want is of absolute irrelevance. Succumb!

‘The Chasm At The Mouth Of It All’ reminds us that the Wild West wasn’t all cowboys and “injuns.” It was also black robed riders having showdowns across the barren plains and mountains, slinging black sorceries at one another as blood rained from the sky under a full moon of doom. This is a track to enjoy on a cold night sipping that ‘shine on the porch to be sure, neighbors be buggered.

You might be asking yourself, “What happens after ‘Nightfall’?” Don’t worry, your question will soon be answered – even the tumbleweeds know, leading into the final track, ‘Prima Materia’, which is a soothing lil lullaby as you gaze up at the stars.

Final thoughts: A very chill listen from a band I have not come into contact with before, but look forward to doing so again. Lux is a mix of sludge and what could only be described as a western soundtrack waiting to happen. Would recommend.
Review By: Druwedd

3 / 6