Scotland’s NECRONOCLAST cranked out some pretty interesting black metal in the mid-late ‘00s and it seemed as if with its final album, Ashes, and a split with the mighty DODSFERD, sole member Greg Edwards might be ready to take the next step forward. There was always something a little quirky and uncommon about the lyrical content of NECRONOCLAST, but no one saw MYCELIUM coming ten years later, I’d wager.

Elements of let’s call it “fungal horror” are found in death metal’s beginnings, but have recently taken hold as roots, strangling and choking. That’s a little of what’s happening within Mycoticism: Disseminating The Propagules, but not all. After a short intro section ‘Emerging From Rotting Faeces’ slithers like the lichens of Edwards’ native land, the kudzu of the American southeast, leaving the distinct impression that one might be enveloped if they’re simply still long enough. And by the time the convoluted (dare we say) grooves of ‘Xanthodermic Colonic Decimation’ cut deep, as some twisted interpretation of Stockholm death metal turned in upon itself, you’ve already decided if you’re captivated or shrugging off this obsession with things neolithic and hoary as just another fluke.

‘Rosecomb Marauder’ recalls the work of fellow fungal devotees BLOOD SPORE in both its freneticism and doomed crawl, but not having the lyrics in front of me, I have a distinct feeling MYCELIUM’s tongue is firmly planted in its beak…or cheek…at times. Chugging in a near-Neandertal primitivity in moments, ‘Erubescent Assassin’ mauls, but where Mycoticism: Disseminating The Propagules wins for me overall is that it’s memorable yet involved, unable to be absorbed in the first few listens. It’s an album that, well…grows on you. Or through you, if you want to stick with the horror vibe.

Oh, and the first album was called Scream Bloody Spore. So, there’s that. Spend an evening with MYCELIUM, BLOOD SPORE’s output and the film The Girl With All The Gifts, then go visit a botanical garden in the morning…if you dare.
Review By: Lord Randall

Mycoticism: Disseminating The Propagules
Blood Harvest
3 / 6