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ULTHAR: Blackened Death Metal Trio Announces First US Tour In Five Years

Blackened death metal trio ULTHAR will return to stages this Spring on an eleven-date US tour. The journey commences in Oakland, California on April 26th and concludes with a performance at Norwest Terror Fest in Seattle, Washington on May 9th. The tour marks the band’s first tour since 2019! Tickets are on sale now. See confirmed dates below. ULTHAR will be touring in support of their critically adored Anthronomicon and Helionomicon full lengths, release last year via 20 Buck Spin. Anthronomicon embodies the continued progression of ULTHAR’s mastery over its art. From the opening blasts and twisting mania of ‘Cephalophore’, […]

Maul – Desecration And Enchantment [EP]

After a shit-ton of demos/splits/singles/EPs, North Dakota’s MAUL dropped the wing-rending Seraphic Punishment on 2022, the debut’s ice-encrusted grime palpable in its blend of Scandinavian and, strangely, Floridian death to create something invigorating in a genre that’s often too set in its ways to be aware of its own dying from glut and trend. ‘The Sacred And The Profane/Hovering,Sinking’ is destructive from :01, rotting riffs slung over the back of stench-ridden rhythms and carried forth in a voice puked from Satan’s anus itself. Guitar patterns weave meathooks upon which to hang our cadavers as we await the ‘Disintegration Of The […]

RUIN LUST: New York City Death/War Metal Act Announces February East Coast Tour With Diabolic Oath

Having just released their apocalyptic fourth LP, Dissimulant, through 20 Buck Spin at the end of September, New York City-based death/war metal collective RUIN LUST has also just declared war on the entire Eastern Seaboard, announcing the Devouring Circle Of Annihilation East Coast Tour. This trek runs from February 1st through February 9th, and sees the band playing alongside Portland, Oregon’s Diabolic Oath on their first East Coast tour ever. See all confirmed RUIN LUST dates below and watch for additional dates to post over the months ahead. RUIN LUST Tour Dates:Devouring Circle Of Annihilation Tour w/ Diabolic Oath: 2/01/2024 […]

WORM: Blackened Horde Announces Necromancy Over Florida September Tour Dates

Having made their live debut in April, including a set at Decibel Magazine’s Metal & Beer Festival, black/gloom metal collective WORM has announced a three-city tour across their home state of Florida in September. Necromancy Over Florida will see WORM performing on September 21st in Miami, September 22nd in Orlando, and will end in Tampa on the Fall Equinox, September 23rd. Support acts will be announced in the weeks ahead. WORM’s Phantom Slaughter declares, “Greetings. It is with great pleasure to announce that our next live run will be in the ancient marshlands of Florida. We are extremely honored for […]

Album Review: Lunar Chamber – Shambhallic Vibrations [EP]

Scattered from the Quebec metal stronghold of Montreal, to the eldritch darkness of Rhode Island, to the somewhat unlikely sun-scorched humidity of an Atlanta suburb cometh forth LUNAR CHAMBER and Shambhallic Vibrations. Add to this concoction the members’ chosen monikers of They, Who May Not Be Perceived, Timeworn Nexus and Æther Lotus, and it’s a recipe for either a mind-altering experience or a complete and total wankfest. There really can’t be a middle ground here, you know? The intro/title track sets the scene, already eliciting an Eastern (pardon the pun, or don’t) vibe, and there’s something about a fretless bass […]

Album Review: Dawn Of Ouroboros – Velvet Incandescence

‘Healing Grounds’ wafts into the consciousness, vocalist Chelsea Murphy gossamer, almost too light for air over ethereal jazz that imagines Johnny Mercer doing a set in the outer reaches of the cosmos. When the metal shows up (and it does), it’s ultra-melodic and equally of space, but this is more a testament to the instrumentalists’ skill and ability to conjure a mood than anything else. Murphy’s siren song becomes shriek, the Baker/Thomas guitar duo displays a familiarity with their craft many could take a lesson from. Don’t think you’re in for some fey ride through lightweight lands for long, though, […]

Album Review: Voidceremony – Threads Of Unknowing

Virtuosity bereft of emotion be damned. If the songs don’t stick in the listener’s mind after the album’s finished, you’ve failed as an artist. This carries over to painting, the printed page, practically any form of would-be artistic expression. Art ceases to be art when “Look what I can do!” takes precedence over “This is how I feel.”, or even more so, “How does this make you feel?”. Three years after its debut full-length, VOIDCEREMONY returns with Threads Of Unknowing. The title track is an onion, multilayered, yet the skin is unwound, almost see-through in its viscosity, riffs and melodies […]

Album Review: Kommand – Death Age

‘Final Virus’ begins, grinding and grisly, that punishing, brutal lurch forward of conflict that all humans have endured since Cain walloped his brother, Abel, with a rock. All the marks are ticked when it comes to influences, and we’ll shoot out a few of them here – BOLT THROWER, HERESIARCH, albeit not as unhinged overall, MALEVOLENT CREATION – but this isn’t some slinging against the wall in hopes a shred of legitimacy sticks. The stringed soldiers keep their tone so blasted low for the most part it’s hard to tell which is which outside of the solos, but it fits […]

Interview: TRIBUNAL (2023)

When a label chooses a first release of the year it sets the tone for what’s to come in a very real way. Vancouver, British Columbia’s TRIBUNAL were bestowed that honor by 20 Buck Spin, and now bestow upon us a crippling yet cathartic trip through gothic doom/death with debut The Weight Of Remembrance. DEEP INTO DREAMSInterview With Soren Mourne [Cello/Bass/Vocals] and Etienne Flinn [Vocals/Guitars]Interview By: Lord Randall Rebel Extravaganza: First things first, congratulations on the album’s completion, and for (even on first listen, or me) presenting an “album experience” more so than a “collection of songs”. When the songs […]

Album Review: Majesties – Vast Reaches Unclaimed

MAJESTIES arrives unexpectedly, comprising members of melodic metal Minnesotan entities OBSEQUIAE and INEXORUM. Vast Reaches Unclaimed is its debut, no demos or fanfare prior to release. Forward, then, we march… ‘In Yearning, Alive’ sets the standard, early DARK TRANQUILLITY, IN FLAMES when they mattered, underrated early work by German force NIGHT IN GALES being reference points, Tanner Anderson clearly enjoying being able to put his mid-range snarl to use in a way he doesn’t (normally) within his other main outlet. From even first listen, the production is sharp when needed, yet polished, almost brought to a glittering sheen simultaneously, a […]