Ah, Mr. Fog there you are! Haven’t seen you for a while. But then, you pick the oddest times to pop up… EWIGKEIT, the creation of one James “Mr. Fog” Fogarty, has been one of the most one of a kind metal acts out there for many years. I even had the pleasure of speaking to him for Wormwood Chronicles years ago. Always obsessed with cosmic matters, he’s returned to action with DISClose, an album revolving around UFOs, conspiracies and the nature of truth. And it’s another great example of how he combines metal heaviness, appealing melodies and spaced out synth tones.

I would say few do it better than Fogarty. Happily, the full heaviness of the guitars is present throughout, often creating a somewhat doom metal sound as a base. On top of that base, Mr. Fog layers soothing cosmic ambiance, twin guitar melodies and a mixture of vocal styles. He often favors a harsh black metal rasp, but just as often he goes for deep, clean multi-tracked vocals. A slight comparison can be made here to the more UFO-oriented works of HYPOCRISY, but maybe a HYPOCRISY without the overt death metal angle. Favorite tracks here would be the dark and ominous sounding ‘Oppenheimer’s Lament’ and the well- constructed ‘Resonance’, which so brilliantly shows both the heavy and ambient sides of EWIGKEIT co-existing in harmony. One slight disappointment is the album ending ‘Moon Monolith’, which just doesn’t sound “big” enough to end such a concept album.

The lyrics will be up to your individual interpretation, but no one can deny that Mr. Fog and EWIGKEIT continue to create their own sonic world. It’s one alien world you should explore…
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

5 / 6