Choices is DPERD’s 8th album, and is going to add another wonderful and intimate piece to their incredible twenty-year career.

Once again the great German photographer Lilith Terra is behind the amazing self-portrait used as cover artwork for the album because her work is the pure transposition into images of their intimate and melancholic music.

The album was conceived without any pause, as a long journey into their vision of human existence and their feelings, and will consist of 18 songs.

Choices Tracklist:

  1. Another Chance
  2. Go On
  3. Amore E Libertà
  4. Only Void
  5. Salamanca
  6. A Needed Desire
  7. For Me
  8. Old Friend
  9. Dreams Behind A Barbed Wire
  10. Ran Out Of Tears
  11. In The Middle
  12. Mr. Savage
  13. Choices
  14. Mr. Good
  15. The Night Of The World
  16. My Way
  17. It’s Gone
  18. Only Tonight

DPERD pierce the veil on their soul with an absolutely personal music, through a cinematic fusion of melancholic Dark Wave, atmospheric Rock and dreamy Pop music following the magic of The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, the grandeur of Dead Can Dance, Cranes, and the sublime atmospheres of Anekdoten.

The superb sense of beauty emphasized by Valeria’s voice and Carlo’s arrangements will reach you in the furthest reaches of your imagination.

Choices will be released on April 19th 2024 in 3 panels digipak CD format

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