In celebration of kicking off their tour with Obscura and Persefone in the German city of Cologne, DISILLISION unveil a stylish video clip for the track ‘Tormento’ as the second single taken from the forthcoming new album Ayam, which has been slated for release on November 4.

Album details and all currently confirmed live dates can be viewed below.

The video ‘Tormento’ is now available for viewing at THIS LOCATION

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DISILLUSION comment: “We are thrilled about ‘Tormento’ being released…”, singer and guitarist Andy Schmidt declares. “This video clip features the second song taken from our upcoming album Ayam and it’s apparently somewhat different from all our previous songs. We always do our best to make every song as unique as possible, of course, but this one just kind just happened along the way. We had no specific plan for it in the beginning, but while working on it, the sheer intensity and cathartic feeling of the music pushed us to new extremes. As for any track on this record that have all been written during the confused early stages of the pandemic, they capture our feelings at the time quite well. And now, we sincerely hope that you will enjoy ‘Tormento’ as much as we do.”


  1. Am Abgrund
  2. Tormento
  3. Driftwood
  4. Abide the Storm
  5. Longhope
  6. Nine Days
  7. From The Embers
  8. The Brook

With Ayam, DISILLUSION again sail among the stars to new stellar constellations of heavy sounds. While staying true to their general course, the German avant-garde pioneers also continue dropping anchor to explore new planets sparkling in space with a multitude of radiant sounds. Ayam offers exciting evolution rather than radical revolution, and DISILLUSION’s new musical forms and means are most beautiful and astonishing to behold. This album is a golden ticket to join the extraordinary journey of a life-time. Please feel free to check-in anytime you like!

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