VALLENFYRE is no more. The crusty death metal project of PARADISE LOST’s Gregor Mackintosh has breathed its last. But rushing in to fill the gap is STRIGOI, named after demons of Romanian folklore. The differences between VALLENFYRE and STRIGOI are not extreme, but they are there and it’s a good bet that fans of both VALLENFYRE and PARADISE LOST will enjoy the murky gloom of Abandon All Faith.

Though the debut has the same grimy feel as VALLENFYRE, Abandon All Faith is a little more varied and, on occasion, more sophisticated. ‘Phantoms’, ‘Carved Into Skin’ and the title track all have a bit more than just pure bludgeoning going on, and even have traces of black metal and gothic to them. Still, there are plenty of cuts here that just plain smash your face into the dungeon floor, like ‘Nocturnal Vermin’, ‘Throne Of Disgrace’ and ‘Plague Nation’, which have more in common with early BENEDICTION, and have a grinding, crusty tone. ‘Carved Into Skin’ is a doom-death crusher and the title track has some cool chanting vocal effects that give it a ton of atmosphere.

STRIGOI is heavy all the way through, and Mackintosh’s murderous growls dominate with none of the clean crooning that sometimes pops up in PARADISE LOST. This band is a worthy successor to VALLENFYRE, and if you were looking for the perfect mid-point between that band and PARADISE LOST, you’ve found it right here.
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Abandon All Faith
Nuclear Blast
4 / 6