Hitting the Earth with the impact of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs comes INERTH from Spain. Void has come out of nowhere to ambush unsuspecting metal fans. I’ve learned that most of these guys once played in the excellent grindcore band LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. While there are still some traces of that sound here, especially in ‘Isolate’ and ‘Brave New Cold War’, INERTH is a much different beast, drawing influence from sludgy and industrial acts like GODFLESH and NAILBOMB. There are even some traces of post-punk ala KILLING JOKE here.

But better believe me, this sucker is heavy! The growling death roars remain in full force and the main focus on Void is RIFFS…heavy, lumbering riffs propelled by powerful bass/drum interaction. The songs have a cold pulsating force to them. I have to say, the production here is perfect for this kind of music. The guitars have a very thick and sludgy sound , the bass is ultra low-tuned and the excellent drumming veers between mechanical precision and blazing grind tempos. Samples and electronics are injected into the music, but not to the point of annoyance.

After some squalling noise, ‘Resilience In’ introduces us to INERTH. It’s like early GODFLESH colliding with the best of mid-tempo NAPALM DEATH. ‘Paranoiac Critical Solitude’ has a very cold sound, mixing in some gothy clean vocals with the roars, a good mix of industrial post-punk and crushing death. ‘Isolate’ just snaps your neck with more skanking NAPALM riffery while ‘Dismantle The Illusion’ just grooves and pulses like Hell with an awesome assault of rubbery riffs.

This album has no weak points. ‘Nadir’ at first sounds a bit too much on the depressing post-punk side of things, but at three minutes in, hits an awesome hook that reminded me of NAILBOMB’s ‘Cockroaches’, their best song. ‘Deadline For Mankind’ is bone-breaking doomy sludge, and ‘Brave New Cold War’ brings the grind just like LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER used to.

INERTH have really made a statement with Void. Do not let this ball-breaker pass you by!
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Abstract Emotions
4.5 / 6