HIGH SPIRITS have been ahead of the game when it comes to the revival of classic metal and ’70s hard rock. They’ve been following that path since before it became a trend. Once lonesome, they now have plenty of company.

The band continues to stick to their usual style here for the most part, but they were smart enough to throw in a few curveballs this time around, which is a good thing. The HIGH SPIRITS style is sometimes uncomfortably staid. ‘Hearts Will Burn’ surprises by being the heaviest song the band has done yet…a real riff-cruncher that doesn’t pretend to be anything but straight metal. That’s followed up by ‘Voice In The Wind’, which heads in the opposite direction. This tune is pure American rock ‘n’ roll. I mean, I can even hear a JOHN COUGAR MELLANCAMP influence in the simple song structure. The placement of these two songs right next to each other really boosts the album. The other ringer is ‘Now I Know’, which has a kind of grinding NWOBHM feel that’s different for HIGH SPIRITS.

The rest of the album follows the pattern of pleasant high energy songs with catchy melodies and a noticeable THIN LIZZY twin guitar attack. Of these tunes, ‘All Night Long’ and the title track are the most pleasing to my ear. As you can see, the band continues its tradition of basic, even bland song and album titles, mixed with simple cover imagery. The production is as sharp as its ever been and Prof. Black’s vocals continue to be easy going. HIGH SPIRITS keep their run of quality albums going by tossing in tunes that are just a bit different.
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Hard To Stop
High Roller Records
4 / 6