I’ve found a direct correlation between the amount of samples on an album and said album’s quality, which is almost always poor. On Blight The Way, there are a LOT of samples. Case closed, my point is proven.

This is two guys and a drum machine from Rhode Island, trying to create cyber-death grind that’s so lowbrow that there’s no brow left at all. Now I like icky primitive death metal like MORTICIAN and FLUIDS, and I can get a laugh now and then from GWAR. Sometimes, though, shit is shit. BLIGHT HOUSE has all the technical prowess of a chimp beating a washtub with the jawbone of an ass. I like simple stuff, but not so simple that I could play it in five minutes despite the fact I have no musical training. The production on this sounds like it was done on a two-track at the bottom of a quicksand pit, and there’s a distinctly unpleasant metallic fuzziness that is just not good to hear. The beats and riffs are generally so simple they aren’t even catchy and on songs like ‘Too Ugly To Live, Too Dumb To Die’ and ‘Acephalophilia III’ they add dreamy female vocals and something that sounds like a harmonica being run over by a truck. It just doesn’t not compute.

Ironically, first song ‘Dismembers Only’ and last song ‘Acephalophilia III’ come the closest to enjoyability. The vocals are real typical but not too awful. If you find song titles like ‘Bible Belt Baby Buffet’ and ‘Florida Man Hails Satan’ hilarious, this is the band for you. For me, Blight The Way is as funny as a Ukrainian orphanage getting bombed. And there are all those samples…

Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Blight The Way
Syrup Moose Records