BIRDFLESH is back and squawking! The goofy Swedish grinders have been raising holy Hell for 30 years and they are just as brutal and stupid now as they were back in tape trading days. New EP, All The Miseries, will thrill all their mongoloid fans as it shows absolutely no progression! And I sincerely say that with all due affection.

Newcomers may wonder how an EP can have 24 tracks on it, but BIRDFLESH fans know the score. If these guys do a song longer than a minute and a half, it’s the equivalent of RUSH’s ‘2112’ for them. So expect rapid fire bursts of perversely catchy grind that has strong undertones of thrash metal. This is grind in the fashion of REPULSION and NASUM, with all 3 idiots in the band contributing barks and growls. There are 14 new songs here with titles like ‘Slaughterchild’, ‘Kickstart My Ass’, ‘High On Carnage’ and ‘Hell Satan Bro Stalker’. Goofgrind with maximum intensity!

They also toss in 20 live tracks recorded at a Belgian bar, full of inane banter and raw sound. We get more BIRDFLESH classics like ‘Alive Autopsy’, ‘Anal Misery’ and ‘Milkshake Is Nice’, albeit pretty rough sounding. At the end of the day, no grind fan with a sense of humor will be disappointed with this silly slab of shit. Buy and die!
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

All The Miseries [EP]
Everlasting Spew Records
4 / 6