Norwegian cult black metal act TRELLDOM have inked their signatures under a multi-album contract with Prophecy Productions.

TRELLDOM will release their fourth full-length and long-awaited successor to Til minne… (2007) via the label this year.

TRELLDOM comment: “It is important to find the right collaboration partners as well as someone who respects and partly understands what we want to convey at all times, which Martin and the people in his company do – art must always come first!”, guitarist Stian Kårstad emphatically stresses. “Therefore as TRELLDOM we are very much looking forward to continuing our journey with Prophecy Productions.”

Prophecy Productions state: “Working with an outstanding artist such as the Norwegian vocalist Gaahl and his legendary band TRELLDOM is both a privilege and an obligation to get everything exactly right”, the label’s founder Martin Koller declares. “We are all thrilled to welcome TRELLDOM to our roster and it is no exaggeration when I mention that we have many die-hard fans in this company.”

When the so-called second wave of black metal began to emerge from the Nordic underground and particularly Norway in the early ’90s it was musically harsh, fierce, untamed and raw on the outside. Yet already during its inception an artistic streak slumbered at its core that transcended its genre, broke new sonic ground and was biding its time to break out into the open.

In particular the vocalists expanded the range of what was thought humanly possible with MAYHEM’s Attila Csihar who sang on the genre’s manifesto De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (1994) leading the field. He found a formidable challenger to the throne of voices in Kristian Espedal aka Gaahl, who had already founded TRELLDOM in Sunnfjord, Vestland in 1992 and released Til evighet… (1995). Although the debut album was highly regarded in underground circles, it took until 1998, when Gaahl joined notorious Bergen outfit GORGOROTH that the extreme vocalist began to rise to prominence.

This also drew ears to TRELLDOM who continued to write black metal history with Til et annet… (1999). In the meantime, Gaahl changed the line-up to include guitarist Valgard and Stian “Sir” Kårstad on bass, who became permanent members. The second album as well as the third, Til minne… (2007), were both produced by cult sound engineer Pytten at Grieghallen Studios, Bergen. With TRELLDOM was free of the strict limitations in which GORGOROTH operated, and able to explore his voice at will.

All three musicians went on to work with several other projects after the third album and TRELLDOM became dormant. Gaahl sang for and strongly influenced WARDRUNA for example, and he cooperated with Sir in GOD SEED and starting in 2015 also in his new band GAAHLS WYRD. Much to the delight of their die-hard fans, GAAHLS WYRD also performed TRELLDOM songs at their early shows.

When Gaahl felt that the time had come to awake TRELLDOM from its long restless slumber, he was joined by Sir again and they recruited their GOD SEED collaborateur Kenneth Kapstad, former drummer of MOTORPSYCHO and also driving the beats in SPIDERGAWD, MØSTER!, and THORNS. Kapstad brought saxophone player Kjetil Møster (MØSTER!, RÖYKSOPP, THE END) to the fold.

The now four-piece began recording a new TRELLDOM album in 2023.
Current line-up
Kristian Eivind Espedal – vocals
Stian Kårstad – guitars, bass, electronics
Kenneth Kapstad – drums
Kjetil Møster – saxophones, clarinet, electronics

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