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LANTLOS present third Wildhund single ‘Lich’

With love comes pain: On ‘Lich’, the third single taken from their forthcoming full-length Wildhund (“Wild Dog”), LANTLOS reveal their claws by not shying away from multi-layered dissonance and noise elements. The album is scheduled to hit stores on July 30, 2021. The German alternative metal project headed by multi-instrumentalist Markus Siegenhort has previously revealed cover art, tracklist, and further details of the new full-length, which can all be viewed below. Pre-Orders HERE Watch ‘Lich’ at THIS LOCATION LANTLOS comment: “The song ‘Lich’ revolves around the theme of getting lost”, states Markus Siegenhort. “It is shaped by the idea of […]

PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS congratulates eight bands for reaping IMPALA Silver & Double Silver Awards

When PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS were originally founded in 1996, the declared aim of the label was to provide a dedicated home for dark stirring music and to offer long-term collaborations to artists signing into the family. At that time, hardly anybody would have expected that in its 25th anniversary year, 8 bands from label’s roster were to receive 10 IMPALA Silver and 3 Double Silver Awards. IMPALA is the European organisation for independent music companies and national associations. The non-profit trade association was established in 2000 to support European independent record labels and music. To receive an IMPALA Silver Award, an […]

DORNENREICH release first single ‘In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht’ and reveal details of forthcoming new album, Du wilde Liebe sei

DORNENREICH have released the first single taken from their forthcoming album Du wilde Liebe sei (“You Wild Love Be”) which is slated for release on June 11, 2021. The Tyrolean black arcane rockers have also revealed cover art, tracklist, and further details of their ninth studio full-length. Please view all album details below. The single ‘In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht’ (“In Streams of Transformation a Never-Flickering Light”) is now available at THIS LOCATION Pre-Order Du wilde Liebe sei HERE DORNENREICH comment: “As you might derive from the title ‘In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht’, which translates as […]

DORDEDUH release video single ‘Desferecat’, and reveal details of stunning new album, Har

DORDEDUH have released a spectacular video for the track ‘Desferecat’ (“Unchained”), which is the first single taken from their sensational forthcoming album Har (“Gifted”), which has been scheduled for release on May 14, 2021. The Romanian metal pioneers have based the imagery of their clip on the arcana XII ‘Le pendue (The Hangman)’ of the famous Tarot de Marseille. The video ‘Desferecat’ is now available at THIS LOCATION Pre-Order HERE On further news, DORDEDUH have also revealed the cover art, tracklist, and more details of their sophomore full-length. DORDEDUH comment: “The title of our first single translates from the Romanian […]

KATLA release sophomore album, Allt þetta helvítis myrkur

KATLA release their sophomore full-length Allt þetta helvítis myrkur. The album is now streaming in full at the links below: Bandcamp Youtube Order HERE KATLA comment: “We are stoked to tell you that Allt þetta helvítis myrkur finally hits the shop after long period of hard work”, says drummer Guðmundsson Óli Pálmason. “Our sophomore album is a labour of love. We have crafted and desiged every aspect of this release, from music and lyrics via recording and production, mixing and mastering, layout and visual art, down to the handwriting and even the colour of the vinyls. Nothing has been left […]

DOOL release anticipated second album, Summerland, on April 10th

Watch ‘Sulphur & Starlight’ HERE… Ryanne van Dorst about the track: “It is a song about dualism. The reflection and the reflected, two sides of the same mirror. What is left of one Self in the eye of the Other and vice versa? It is the opening track of Summerland, and makes a great starting point for the journey through the album’s theme.” Founded in 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with a name derived from the Dutch word for “wandering,” dark rockers DOOL embarked on an ongoing spiritual and musical journey that took them far within a short amount of […]

Album Review: FEN – The Dead Light

Melancholic, mournful, furious and hopeful are all words that circled me in listening through FEN’s 2019 release, The Dead Light. This is the sixth full length album released by this atmospheric black metal war horse since their inception in 2006, and this is their most formidable album to date. Unlike previous releases, The Dead Light brings more prog elements to the table. This mixes well with the more typical soundscapes and blackened fury FEN is known for. The album opens with ‘Witness’ which really introduces you to what you should expect for the rest of the album. It starts with […]

Album Review: Year Of The Cobra – Ash And Dust

From the beginning of opener ‘The Battle Of White Mountain’, the distortion tone is pretty on point, with riff work that is none too shabby. I can definitely stay that what I wasn’t expecting was a female lead singer, which isn’t usually my cup of tea. Well, if the second track’s opening riff, which carries through the song, isn’t a rip off ‘Forever My Queen’ by PENTAGRAM, I’ll eat my hat. I find myself still down with the vocals of Amy Tung Barrysmith, as she has a pretty soothing voice in my opinion, very reminiscent of Jex Thoth in spaces. […]

CROWHURST with GAVIN BRYARS Incoherent American Narrative, January 24th, 2020

BEHOLD… What do Aphex Twin, Tom Waits and CROWHURST have in common besides vast and challenging discographies? They’ve all at one point collaborated with GAVIN BRYARS, one of the world’s most important and celebrated living composers. Recorded in an 18th century hotel in the French Pyrenees, the new album by CROWHURST recomposes and gives new life to elements of released and unreleased works by BRYARS. The end result are pieces that feel as close to the symphonic drone of Monoliths-era Sunn 0))) as they do to BRYARS’ collaborations with Brian Eno on Discreet Music or his masterwork The Sinking Of […]

NOVEMBERS DOOM premiere not one but two singles from forthcoming album, Nephilim Grove

With Nephilim Grove, NOVEMBERS DOOM celebrate their 30th anniversary in style, building upon the grandiose vision Paul Kuhr has developed throughout the years. As an entity existing in his singular musical universe of doom, death and progressive metal, the band by now dodges all endeavors of categorization. Watch/Share ‘Nephilim Grove’ HERE Watch/Share ‘Petrichor’ HERE Kuhr expands on 2017’s Hamartia in the most daring yet root-conscious way, offering “new colors, new sounds, the same bad-assery. We never set out with a vision other than to just write what makes sense and feels right. It always shows our mood at a given […]