Cleveland Doomgaze Group Blazes Sweltering Cover of Johnny Cash Classic, ‘Ring Of Fire’, During Live Set Recorded at Haunted, Historical Funeral Home

Cleveland dark rock band FRAYLE creates gripping, doomy music — at once bleak and beautiful — that is impossible to resist. Undoubtedly one of underground music’s breakthrough bands of 2020, FRAYLE makes “music for the night sky”. The group’s precise merging of doom metal and dream pop strikes the perfect balance between heaving, heavy riffs and haunting vocal melodies. On April 2, FRAYLE will release the new EP, Live At The House Of Wills, featuring two tracks from the unit’s acclaimed debut album, 1692, alongside a searing cover of the Johnny Cash classic ‘Ring Of Fire’. Live At The House Of Wills will drop as a Bandcamp Friday exclusive before becoming available on standard music streaming platforms.

Recorded at The House Of Wills (infamous as the most haunted historical funeral home in the United States) in Cleveland, the new FRAYLE EP was summoned as part of Aqualamb Records’ COVID Cover Series, which was launched during the pandemic featuring artists admired by the Brooklyn-based indie record label. The three track effort showcases the arcane power of FRAYLE in a live setting, as the group powers through the tracks ‘Darker Than Black’ and ‘Dead Inside’ before breathing new life into the June Carter Cash-penned 1963 hit ‘Ring Of Fire’. Originally captured for video release, the band decided to release the set as a short live EP after hearing the immense quality of the audio.

“We are excited for our fans to hear the live EP,” comments FRAYLE vocalist Gwyn Strang and guitarist Sean Bilovecky. “We recorded this EP in what is widely considered the most haunted funeral home in all of the U.S. The House Of Wills has been many things over the years; it started as a German opera hall, then became a school, a hospital, and finally a funeral home. The building has two morgues, one of them with a large slanted area where bodily fluids would drain straight into the city sewers. There are also rooms where Freemasons and the Order Of The Eastern Star (female version of Freemasons) held ceremonies. The House definitely had a palpable energy to it that we seemed to tap into while recording. Our gear was covered in dust from the rubble by the end of the session. Weird things would happen to some of the electrical gear during filming (batteries dying too soon, a drone smashing into a wall, etc.) All of this seems to fall in line with what some of the paranormal investigators have said when shooting at The House Of Wills. It was a darkly powerful experience to record there.”

While the pandemic would put any touring plans in support of 1692 on indefinite hold, FRAYLE remained active in support of the release, interacting with fans by performing at-home live sets over social media and hosting engaging live chats on YouTube. The April 2 release of Live At The House Of Wills will serve as another taste of what to expect from Frayle once life returns to relative normalcy and the live concert experience returns.

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