Russian psychedelic black rock act CAGE OF CREATION unveil details of their upcoming album Into Nowhere II, scheduled for release on 29 April 2020 via Devoted Art Propaganda as a limited golden digipack CD.

Ahead of the album’s release, listen to the track ‘Into Nowhere X’ HERE

The second part in the Into Nowhere album series, Into Nowhere II takes the listener deep into the forest on a lunar shamanic journey, it explores moonlit nights, the thin line between meditation, death and infinity.

“Follow up your end-journey deep through the timberline. Just remember, the deeper into the wood you go, the more angry your demons go!”

Pre-order the album via Devoted Art Propaganda

Watch the trailer HERE

Into Nowhere II track list:

  1. Into Nowhere VII
  2. Into Nowhere VIII
  3. Into Nowhere IX
  4. Into Nowhere X
  5. Into Nowhere XI
  6. Into Nowhere XII

Into Nowhere II Credits:
P. – Vocals, backing vocals, guitars, samples and percussion
W. – Backing vocals, bass
O. – Backing vocals, drums
Roman Bezinowski – Mixing and mastering
Ra Bs – Artwork and design