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Album Review: Furze – Caw Entrance

The one and only Woe J. Reaper, the Mad Hatter of Black Metal, returns with an all-new mad tea party to mess up our perception of reality. Every form of music needs a jester, a raconteur, to shake things up. Mr. Reaper, operating under the name of FURZE, has been doing that since the late ’90s, creating an indefinable version of low-fi black metal that mixes in generous dollops of doom and warped psychedelia. It shouldn’t work…yet it does. Crazy titles and song names are part of the FURZE experience and Caw Entrance lives up to that reputation. I suspect […]

FURZE releases new single ‘Post Mortem Trippin’’

Norwegian black psych metal act FURZE released a new single, ‘Post Mortem Trippin”, from its upcoming eighth album. Entitled Caw Entrance, the new album will be released on 5 April 2024 under license to Devoted Art Propaganda from Polytriad Fingerprints. Stream the new track: | Spotify | YouTube Pre-orders for Caw Entrance can be placed now via Devoted Art Propaganda and FURZE’s Bandcamp and Polytriad Fingerprints. Caw Entrance will be available in CD, LP, cassette and digital formats. The release will be accompanied by a new T-shirt design. The pre-orders will also include an exclusive A2 poster. Previously FURZE […]

Furze & Woe J. Reaper 25 anniversary double tape box set

Special edition cassettes to include Woe J. Reaper’s first demo, Necromanzee, & unreleased FURZE material from 1992-1998 Norwegian black psych metal act FURZE and the sole member behind the project, Woe J. Reaper, is celebrating FURZE and Woe J Reaper’s 25th anniversary with the release of a limited and special edition cassette box set via Devoted Art Propaganda. The box set includes the original Woe J. Reaper Necromanzee demo from 1998 on one tape, while the second tape consists of unreleased material from 1992-1998. Limited to only 100 copies, it comes in two cassettes with two separate artworks in a […]

Album Review: WEDROWCY – TULACZE – ZBIEGI – Trzy Siostry [EP]

When you take current and former members of FURIA, GRUZJA and MASSEMORD and hand them computers what could go wrong? With three full-lengths behind this project, Trzy Siostry  is my first exposure to WEDROWCY – TULACZE – ZBIEGI…but it won’t be my last. Hum to undulation, transistors in transit, ‘Pierwsza siostra’ throbs to life, incessant, almost as if we’ve caught the criminals already at work in the bank vault. There’s something very, very ART OF NOISE about what’s going on here at times, early ‘90s Cleopatra Records at others, and sometimes simultaneously. A driving song, one not for sitting still. […]

Koniec Pola unveil new mini-album details

KONIEC POLA will release their new mini-album, entitled trop (translates to “trace” from Polish) on 27 April 2020. The release will come in digibook CD format, limited to 100 copies, via Devoted Art Propaganda. KONIEC POLA, which translates to “The End of the Field”, is made up of musicians from bands such as Licho, S., Wedrowcy~Tulacze~Zbiegi and Strzepy. Taking a different approach to post-rock, black metal and experimental music, KONIEC POLA released their debut album, Cy, in 2018, also through Devoted Art Propaganda. While Cy explored the imaginary and the postmodern of a Polish village, trop invites the listener on […]

Cage of Creation announces new album: Into Nowhere II

Russian psychedelic black rock act CAGE OF CREATION unveil details of their upcoming album Into Nowhere II, scheduled for release on 29 April 2020 via Devoted Art Propaganda as a limited golden digipack CD. Ahead of the album’s release, listen to the track ‘Into Nowhere X’ HERE The second part in the Into Nowhere album series, Into Nowhere II takes the listener deep into the forest on a lunar shamanic journey, it explores moonlit nights, the thin line between meditation, death and infinity. “Follow up your end-journey deep through the timberline. Just remember, the deeper into the wood you go, […]