The barbarians have smashed through the gates… Denmark’s BRODER has officially unleashed Skarpretterfossilet. The band’s third and most violent outing to date favors chaos over composition with five scathing tracks of war metal, culminating in the primal 15-minute assault on your senses, ‘Byldemor’.

Skarpretterfossilet is out now on Extremely Rotten Productions. Stream and download the digital edition at Get the album on vinyl, CD, and cassette at

Skarpretterfossilet Tracklisting:

  1. En sten på et alter
  2. Kraniekløversken
  3. Bondejagt
  4. Marvdram
  5. Byldemor

BRODER started out slow in 2014, with droning doom, but metamorphized into a blackened sludge wasteland with the 2018 album, Tøbruddets fald, and the 2019 EP, Slagtorden.

With the second album in 2021, Det højes smed, a world of mud and fiery steel rose from interludes of blacksmith ambiance and pummeling drums covered in frenzied guitars and voice. This brought forth an era of skull-bashing, rib-splitting blackened pseudo-death, which has now led to the full transgression of barbaric metal, that is Skarpretterfossilet.

This third album decides to end the evolution of man at the most significant threshold of time, around 12,000 years ago, with primitive war metal and interludes of a deep time inner archeology BRODER builds a world where nature broke man, creating space for the live barbarian.

Jesper Bagger Hviid
Erik Bagger Hviid

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