[Photo Credit: Clemens Mitscher]

Hail Supreme Doom! Live At Freak Valley!

CONAN are not only releasing their third live album, Live At Freak Valley, today – they’ve also unleashed the fierce sludge crusher ‘Battle In The Swamp’! This live version pushes violently on the brake pedal – you can literally hear your feet stuck in the marsh. This relentlessly heavy, constantly charging amalgamation of intensity rages from the first to the last second.

CONAN states:
“‘Battle In The Swamp’ is one of our earliest songs, appearing on the first demo tape we recorded back in 2007. It is simple and to the point, and always starts a pit. Enjoy.”

Watch the video for the live version of ‘Battle In The Swamp’ HERE

Three years after the release of the ferocious caveman battle doom masterpiece Existential Void Guardian, CONAN waves the flag of Pain again and releases Live At Freak Valley on March 12, 2021 via Napalm Records. Following their 2013 live album, recorded at Roadburn festival, and the self-released Live At Bannermans, their third live album could not have been recorded at a better place than Freak Valley Festival.

Heavily distorted and down-tuned sounds turn the legendary fields of the German Freak Valley Festival into madness. The undisputed masters of fantastical, otherworldly, sludgy doom, CONAN, will cast a spell on the listener and propel them straight into the crowd, captured in dust.

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Tracklist for Live At Freak Valley:

  1. Gravity Chasm
  2. Throne Of Fire
  3. Thunderhoof
  4. Battle In The Swamp
  5. Hawk As Weapon
  6. Satsumo
  7. Foehammer
  8. Total Conquest
  9. Revengeance

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