This unheralded trio from Indiana have come up with a sizzling firecracker of an album…a brief but blistering blast of thrash with a rock n roll touch that so far is one of the best records of its kind this year.

This is about a half hour of thrash that will drop you on your head. The chief comparison I can make to WRAITH would be MIDNIGHT, but I think I enjoy Absolute Power even more than MIDNIGHT’s last album. It’s definitely thrash metal, but with a punky, rawky edge to it. The opening one-two punch of ‘Devil’s Hour’ and ‘Acid Mass’ fumes and rages and had me reaching for a neck brace right away. These dudes keep things short, with only one tune exceeding three minutes in length. With third track ‘Meaningless Planet’, WRAITH shows another side to their attack, slowing things down to a bluesy grind that’s still heavy as well. The title track also lets up on the gas for a minute, to come up with a great “chugging” thrasher that works really well in medium gear.

Aside from those two cuts, this shit rips like crazy. Anybody who’s familiar with MIDNIGHT or maybe SPEEDWOLF will know where WRAITH is coming from. They toss in a fine cover of ‘Death Comes Ripping’ from THE MISFITS to put the cherry on the top of this metallic pastry. This is a killer thrash album from a band that doesn’t even have a proper label…what’s up with that? Buy and die!!!
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Absolute Power
5 / 6