Hailing from Nova Scotia, this band really knows how to deliver some true metal thunder! Here they’ve dished up a metallic poutine of NWOBHM, JUDAS PRIEST and early speed metal influences that get the blood pumping. This is one of my favorite “true metal” releases of 2022!

‘March To the Death’ is a rather deceptive opener, as it starts slow and gradually builds up layers until it finally cuts loose with a track reminiscent of Stained Class-era PRIEST. Band leader Ian Wilson has got a strong, sharp voice that can occasionally cut loose with some really high-pitched screams. And he’s no slouch on guitar either, as the album is full of guitar solos that pop and slap.

Beyond The Wall announces its power with second track ‘Motorhorse’ and man, does this sucker rage. A neck-wrecking proto-speed metal track of the highest caliber and the album highlight. METALIAN does focus on faster tracks, with ‘Cold Thunder’ and ‘Last Chance to Ride’ also being corkers, but they have some variety as well. ‘Solar Winds’ is slower, smoldering with a bluesy ’70s metal feel to it. ‘Rise Of The AI’ is in the vein of ‘March To The Death’, with a measured buildup before cutting loose with racing power chords.

But the album sleeper might be the closer ‘Dark City’, which has such an upbeat and joyful hard rock feel to it, almost like APRIL WINE with a faint punky aura and really infectious energy. It puts the capper on a well rounded album of metal that really should have come out about 1984. That’s when METALIAN would have conquered the world. In 2022? It’s for the true connoisseurs to find and enjoy.
Review By: Dr. Abner Mality

Beyond The Wall
Temple Of Mystery Records
5 / 6