Once again, not my style right from the gate.In my opinion this sounds like poorly-executed psychedelic rock, which, sad to say most of psychedelic rock is, at the start. (Truckfighters suck. Change my mind.) I’m failing to hear what is even so “psychedelic” about this album at all, as Drowner’s Wives gives me the vibe of a group of curly-mustached, neck-bearded hipsters who got together to make what they believe a blend of psych/stoner rock is – or what they think it is. Great job at being revolutionary, or what ever they’re going for.

Now, I’m not saying I don’t love me some stoner and psychedelic music, but as far as the modern iterations of those genres, kindly count me out. Not for nothing, this is a very mellow album, and if you’re into this brand, it’s truly not bad for smoking a bowl and chilling out to…if you can get past the singer’s voice, of course.
Review By: BuiltToSuffer

Drowner’s Wives
Argonauta Records
0 / 6